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DropX™ Exclusive: Nothing phone (1) #the100

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Thanks to everyone for participating in our exciting auction for the Nothing phone (1) #the100! All winning bidders have been confirmed and notified. Winning bidders will received their serialized phones according to the net bid amount in US/USD terms.

Please note: This is a new DropX™ Exclusive release. Please allow up to 35 business days for delivery.

The Nothing phone (1) is yet another gamechanger. releasing for the first-time ever via an exclusive DropX™ Auction. Using elegant, responsibly sourced materials and loads of advanced features, the phone (1) is Nothing but the best. No marketing jargon. No more of the same old same old. The phone (1) is made with pure intention and passion.

Only 100 phones will be available for Bidding, with each phone being serialized for the corresponding Bid that wins it. Our auction for the phone (1) will go live at 9:00 AM ET on Tuesday, June, 21 2022 and will be open until 8:59 AM ET on Thursday, June 23, 2022. To participate, simply create a StockX account or log in to your existing account and place a Bid on the DropX product page once it goes live.

Remember: your Bid will only be charged if selected within the top 100.

Disclaimer: Nothing phone (1) is not fully supported in North America. Functionality may be impacted depending on your carrier, coverage, speed and/or reliability; or it may not function at all. Purchase is not available for customers living in Mexico and South Korea. For a full Nothing phone (1) carrier list, please see the country and carrier list at: www.stockx.com/lp/nothing/

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