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Since 1978, Versace has developed and sold signature fashion pieces bearing a unique Medusa logo as part of its brand. Ver más
Belts from Versace include items such as the Versace Palazzo Belt with Medusa Buckle in Gold-tone Black in Leather. The piece has a classic, minimal design offset by the lavish icon for which the company is known. The Palazzo line is a reference to a hotel project started in 2000, and it is the first such venture to be branded by a fashion goods company. Other belt options include the Versace Classic Medusa Belt in Black, featuring a small yet recognizable logo in gold and surrounded by a circle. If you prefer something in a silver color, Versace offers belts similar to these with a shiny chrome Medusa logo. These fashionable accessories are also part of the Palazzo line. As with many belts, Versace has added several pre-cut notches to their models.