"Montréal is the least expected cultural engine in the world." - Zach Macklovitch

Top Five

By Kaytranada


We asked world-renowned musician Kaytranada what his top five spots in Montréal are, and to no one’s surprise his list is as eclectic as his music taste is – a little something for everyone.

: I love Elena. To me, they got the best menu when it comes to pizza, pasta and wine. Their wine selection is the bomb. I’m not an expert on that but I always ask for recommendations from the waiters and am always more than satisfied.

: My favourite brunch spot! You can’t miss on the pancakes they serve there.

: One of my favourite record shops worldwide. There’s heat on every genre you’re looking for.

: A place where I love to get my teas. Whether you’re looking for green or white teas, there are plenty of variations.

: I think this is one of my favourite Haitian spots here in this city. The way they cook their meals is unique and different from the other Caribbean spots here.

Kaytranada's Mix

Joe Beef

By Paul Labonté


This place is world-famous. It’s one of the best restaurants in the city, . I like it for the steak. You should also go next door to their sister restaurant . The food is equally great, and they have a lot of Peter Hoffer paintings. My favourites are a series of landscapes with crashed 18-wheelers (semi-trailer trucks) in them. I think all of Hoffer’s 18-wheeler paintings are at Liverpool House. Stop in and ask to see the collection.

A Taste of Montréal

Montréal’s identity is deeply tied to food, so what better way to get a sense of the city than having contributor and local chef Danny Smiles guide you through some Italian classics?

Montréal Musts

By Zach Macklovitch


Partner in Saintwoods and nightlife empresario Zach Macklovitch gives us his must hits in Montréal.

  • , , & (all on Saint-Laurent): I’ve been throwing parties on Saint-Laurent for most of my life and, although I’m a little biased, I think there’s few places anywhere that can offer more nightlife experiences in one place.
  • : You’ll have to wait but it’ll be worth it. The real cheat code is to go for lunch but whether you’re in Montreal for 24H or 30 days you have to have it once.
  • : The best French bistro this side of the Seine. A Montréal institution; personally I’d suggest a dirty martini, steak frites rare, and a crème brulée.
  • : Philémon is every local’s favourite Old-Montreal casual drink… The only problem is the casual drink is so good you’ll end up having 6.
  • : Saint-Viateur over Fairmont, don’t ask me to explain it to you. Make sure to get a whipped cream cheese but any of the salmon’s work… It’s open 24/7, They say the oven hasn’t been turned off in 60+ years.

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