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Hoodies and sweatshirts have been prominent fixtures of Off–White collections since the brand's inception. Even before Off-White existed, Virgil Abloh screen printed his signature Carvaggio graphic inspired by the Italian painter on Champion hoodies as part of the first and only Pyrex Vision collection. Afficher plus
Off-White hoodies are known for their large graphics and references to fine art. Sweatshirts like the Off-White Mona Lisa Hoodie and Carvaggio Hoodie pay homage to the Baroque period of fine art. Signature motifs that are prominently displayed on Off-White hoodies are the directional arrows and diagonal stripes logo graphics. These motifs draw inspiration from the design systems found in the Glasgow Airport designed by the firm Kinneir Calvert Associates in 1964. Part of the system features an emblem looking like St Andrew’s Cross, with arrows pointing in and out, and horizontal stripes near the airport's vehicles and flight ladders. These motifs are typically placed on the back of each hoodie and sweatshirt and in a bold format. One of the more popular Off-white sweatshirts to ever release was the product of a collaboration with Jordan Brand. Released alongside the Air Jordan 5 Off-White, the capsule collection featured reconstructed sweatshirts paying homage to early Air Jordan tracksuits. Shop Off-White hoodies, sweatshirts, and tops now on StockX.