Buy and Sell graded Pokémon cards from the early Wizards of the Coast sets, or add to your modern collection with Pokémon TCG Booster boxes, Tins, and Elite Trainer boxes from the latest releases like Shining Fates!



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From 1998-2003 Wizards of the Coast handled the printing of all Pokémon cards from the English version of the Pokémon TCG with the original base set being released in 1999. Afficher plus
The final set printed by Wizards of the Coast was Skyridge, which was released in May 2003. Since that time the English Pokémon TCG has been printed and released by the Pokémon Company. Whether you are looking to cop a graded 1st Edition Base Set Charizard or sealed product from the latest Pokémon releases like Champion's Path, Vivid Voltage, or Shining Fates it is all available on StockX.