adidas Ultra Boost 1.0

Unveiled in 2015 as a high-performance running shoe, the adidas Ultra Boost 1.0 is one of adidas' greatest innovations. Shop every size and colorway below!


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Ben Herath was the genius behind the original adidas Ultra Boost. Unveiled in 2015 as a high-performance running shoe, the shoe's magic lies in its harmonious design. Lire la suite
Built as a top-performance running shoe, the Ultra Boost followed on the heels of earlier Boost models, including Energy Boost, Energy Boost II, and Pure Boost. Runners were instantly enthralled by the shoe's brilliant combo of cushy midsole and super-lightweight Permaweave. To Herath's surprise, folks on the street fell hard and fast for the shoe's sleek silhouette and comfortable, breathable fit. Interest in the shoe truly exploded when Kanye West wore a pair of Ultra Boosts on-stage at the Power 106's PowerHouse concert in 2015. Since then, adidas has released some killer Ultra Boost 1.0 colorways, including the Undefeated Stars and Stripes, which tops popularity charts and boasts fiery red accents against a shocking white upper, midsole, and sole. The Cream White, with its white-on-cream stripes and jet-black sole, is another hit with fans across the spectrum of sneaker enthusiasts. Though the Ultra Boost has evolved over time, the Ultra Boost 1.0 is the sneaker that got it all started.