Monogram Chevron PM Black

Goyard Bellechasse Handbag Monogram Chevron PM Black

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10H 14W 5.5D Handle 7
Coated Canvas/Leather

The Goyard Bellechasse Handbag Monogram Chevron PM Black is designed with the classic Goyard chevron canvas. The Bellechasse features dual rolled top handles for a chic over the shoulder look. The clasp closure located at the top of the handbag will help you keep your belongings safely tucked away. The closure opens up to reveal a beige canvas-lined interior with side pocket perfect for small day-to-day essentials. This tote is highlighted by its black leather trims and silver tone accents of the exterior, creating a stylish, luxurious style. The Bellechasse is the perfect, sophisticated accessory for your on-the-go moments. Because the Goyard brand is one of the most sought after brands in the handbag industry, the Goyard Bellechasse PM is often times hard to come across. Get yours today at StockX.

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Even Otzi the Iceman, a 5,300-year-old preserved mummy found in the Italian Alps had a bag of his own - he was found with a leather pouch containing flint and dried fungus....
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