Monogram Chevron Reversible White/Brown

Goyard Belharra Biarritz Tote Monogram Chevron Reversible White/Brown

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Goyardine Canvas

The Goyard Belharra Biarritz Tote Monogram Chevron Reversible White/Brown tote is named in honor of a legendary surf spot off the coast of France in Basque country, highlighting the beach savvy feeling this Goyard brings. The Goyardine canvas lines the outside and inside of the tote, providing durability and waterproof protection as well as a lightweight handbag for your use. The Belharra Biarritz features brown leather trim handles contrasting with the white Chevron print exterior. The open top of the Belharra Biarritz and its generous volume makes this tote versatile all while maintaining the elegance that Goyard handbags are widely known for. It is both subtle and chic, the perfect accessory for a tropical vacation or warm summer day. This exclusive Biarritz Belharra tote was created specifically for the launch of the Goyard store in Biarritz, France in 2016 and is only available for store purchase at that specific location. You can get yours today at StockX.

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