Art Prints

How does StockX verify art prints?
StockX handles all art prints in a white-glove fashion to ensure maximum safety and care for your print. StockX verifies all aspects of art prints, including but not limited to, material, finish, numbering/signature (if applicable), condition, and any signs of damage such as fading.

What condition art prints does StockX allow to be sold?
StockX only accepts prints considered to be in deadstock condition with no apparent condition issues. Any noticeable condition issues such as rips, creases, bent corner(s), grease, dirt, excessive fading, water damage, lack of numbering/signature, and/or scuffs are unacceptable. Minor surface and edge inconsistencies are common and acceptable.

Does StockX require the original COA to be included when selling an art print?
If the print was originally sold with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), yes, that is required to be included to pass our verification process.

Will prints be shipped rolled or flat?
StockX handles and packages all art prints with the utmost care and attention to detail. StockX sends art prints to buyers in both rolled and flat packaging, depending on the size, material, and price of the print.

How much is shipping for art prints?
Shipping prices for art prints vary based on the size and weight of the print and it’s necessary packaging. Shipping prices start as low as $13.95 USD. You can confirm your shipping cost for any print in the final step before placing a new Bid or Buying now.

How do I ship my print to StockX? Can I ship it in a frame?
StockX recommends that all sellers ship their prints in the same packaging they received their prints from the artist or gallery. Prints should be wrapped in the appropriate paper/plastic prior to shipping. StockX does not accept prints in a frame. All prints must be unframed before being sent to StockX. Any framed prints sent to StockX will be cancelled immediately and the seller will be charged a return fee. Please note that StockX is not responsible for prints that are damaged in transit due to improper packaging.

Can I sell my artist’s proof or printer’s proof on StockX?
Artist’s proofs may be sold under the same listing as the regular edition for all art prints. Due to manufacturing inconsistencies, printer’s proofs are not able to be sold on StockX.

Can I sell print portfolios on StockX?
Yes. Please note that all print portfolios must be shipped in a box and include all original packaging to pass our verification process.

I want to sell a print on StockX that isn’t currently listed. How can I do that?
StockX is regularly expanding our art print catalog. To request a new print to be added to our catalog, email [email protected] and include the print name, artist, edition, size, and photo(s). Please note that due to international art resale laws and restrictions, some artists are currently not able to be supported.

How should I store my print after I receive it from StockX?
We recommend that you store your print flat to maintain the integrity of print over time.