As an Italian Buyer, can I return my item after I've received it?


If you are a buyer who resides in Italy, The Rights of Buyers in the European Union and the United Kingdom as consumers is observed.

Due to the anonymous nature of our real-time market and therefore the anonymity of the Sellers, StockX guarantees that you can exercise the right of reconsideration and withdrawal (therefore without any obligation for you to explain the reasons) and the legal guarantee.

If you have changed your mind and want to return the item within 14 days of purchase, or the item has a defect and you want to activate the legal guarantee, please Contact Us for assistance. We will make sure that you can exercise your rights. Once a request is received, our support team generally responds within 24 hours.

At your discretion, in case of exercising the right of withdrawal, in the message sent to StockX Support, you can copy and paste the script below. Please include photos of the item with the StockX verification tag still attached and, at your discretion, also state the reasons for the withdrawal. It is understood that failure to indicate the reasons for the withdrawal will not in any way preclude the exercise of the right.

Hereby, I / we (*) communicate that I / we (*} want to exercise the right of withdrawal in relation to my / our (*} sales contract relating to the following items (*} / for the provision of the following services:
  • The date the item was ordered
  • The date the order was received (if applicable}
  • The order number (if available)
  • The name of the article (s)
  • Your name
  • Your full address (including postcode, city and country)

For more information about your rights, you can consult the StockX Terms and Conditions of Use.

Note: Before returning your item, please make sure the items are in the same condition as you received them, with the StockX verification tag / closure sticker still attached. We reserve the right to refuse late returns or products that are not in the same condition in which you received them.

What if you change your mind about your purchase after 14 days? No problem, you can always resell an item you no longer want on StockX.

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