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If you are a Buyer shipping to Saudi Arabia, your order will be shipped DDP (Delivered Duties Paid), meaning that at the time you place your order, your duty and VAT charges have been added into your total cost. At the time of checkout these costs will appear as Import Duties. 

Additionally, the cost of shipping to Saudi Arabia varies based on the price of the item, size of the item, item type, shipping costs determined by our carrier partners, and your shipping destination. You will see the entire shipping cost included on a separate line item at the time of checkout. 

Rates for Duties, Shipping, and VAT can be found below. 

Duties - 5% to 15%, depending on product purchased
VAT - 15%
Shipping -  $25 USD 
Processing Fee - There is no set percentage for fees; fees are determined based on the price of the item, location of the Seller and Buyer, and supply and demand.

More information about our Buyer processing fees and import duties can be found here: How are the import duties, sales tax, and Buyer processing fees calculated?

Duty and VAT charges are currently calculated as follows:


Import Duty = Duty Rate * (Bid Value + Shipping)

VAT = 15%*(Bid Value + Import Duty Calculated above)

As a buyer, you agree to pay any and all local, state, federal, or international taxes (including sales taxes) that may be due with respect to your purchase transaction. 

To learn more about our shipping fees, please refer to this article: How much does shipping cost for Buyers?

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