Can I cancel a Bid?


You're able to withdraw your Bid at any point up until it matches a Seller's Ask. Once this happens, you're committed to your purchase. To ensure the integrity of StockX's marketplace, it's imperative that each sale be real, active, and dependable.
Since the sale doesn't technically begin until a Buyer and Seller are matched, you're free to adjust your Bid as often as you would like. Once a Seller agrees to sell at your Bid, however, you're committed to the sale. So make sure you're comfortable paying the price you're bidding before you submit!
How do I know I've successfully canceled my Bid?
If you are no longer interested in an item, it is recommended that you manually delete your Bid.  You can delete your Bid by clicking the "Delete Bid" button in the upper righthand corner of the “Edit Bid" screen from your desktop. We make deleting your Bid an available option from a few different areas on your StockX Buying tab and from the item’s product page when managing from your desktop or on the StockX app.
You can confirm your Bid has been successfully canceled by checking the email address associated with your account and looking for an email from StockX titled "Bid Canceled" followed by the name of the item.

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