De Minimis Value


Not every shipment is taxed on import. The de minimis is the minimum value used to decide when customs duty and tax rates are applied on imported items.  


For many regions, there is a de minimis threshold defined by their local government. This threshold allows shipments to be cleared without customs duties or taxes. Some regions do not have a de minimis, meaning that every imported item is taxed. If your region has a de minimis threshold please note that it can vary, meaning that your package may be subject to certain tariffs and not others. 


Please keep in mind that customs will include the shipping fee as well as the processing fee when determining if the value of a shipment is over de minimis. This means that you will still have to pay taxes and duties when your total (bid price + shipping fee + processing fee) is higher than the de minimis value.


As a reminder, duties and taxes are based on country of manufacturer and are not based on StockX location or the location of the Seller. 


You can read more about de minimis thresholds from our tax partner here.


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