Graded Comic Books

How does StockX verify comics?
StockX handles CGC certified comics in a white-glove fashion to ensure maximum safety and care for your item. StockX verifies all aspects of slabbed CGC comics, including but not limited to, grade, page quality, label details, issue number, release date, certification number, and any signs of damage such as cracking or scratches on the holder.

What grades and types of comics does StockX allow to be sold?
StockX only accepts CGC certified Universal Grade (Blue) comics in grades 6.0 through 10 with no apparent holder damage or issues. Signature Series Labels (Yellow), Restored Labels (Purple), and Qualified Labels (Green) are not accepted. Any noticeable condition issues such as holder cracks, scratches, glue/residue, writing on the slab/holder, stickers are not acceptable.

Older style CGC slab/holders, older CGC Universal and Modern Grade labels, as well as CGC's Custom Label Series are all accepted.

What page quality/color does StockX allow to be sold?
All comics on StockX are accepted with white pages, with some specified titles being allowed with off-white to white pages.

The majority of comic books printed after 1990 have white pages due to pulp paper no longer being used in the printing process. A significant number of comic books from the mid ’60’s, ‘70s to late ‘80s however have an off-white to white page quality as pulp paper was used. Based on this, StockX reviewed population data on page quality from these eras, and will accept comics with off-white to white pages where the majority of a population of a particular comic in the census has this page quality.

Off-white, cream to off-white and other page colors will not be accepted regardless of grade.

How will comics be shipped, and how much does shipping cost?
StockX handles and packages all comics with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Shipping for comics is $13.95 USD for US-based buyers. International shipping varies based on your location. You can confirm your shipping cost for any comic in the final step before placing a new Bid or Buying now.

We recommend that all sellers ship their comics in a sturdy box with at least one inch of room on all sides. Comic slabs should be placed in a poly bag to help avoid scratches, and should also be wrapped with an appropriate amount of paper/bubble wrap prior to being placed in the box.

Please note that StockX is not responsible for comics that are damaged in transit due to improper packaging.

Where can I find more information on CGC labels and holders?

I want to sell a CGC graded comic on StockX that isn’t currently listed. How can I do that?
StockX is regularly expanding our comic book catalog. Check back often to see all the latest releases that we add to the StockX catalog regularly.

How should I store my comic after I receive it from StockX?
Per CGC recommendations, “Proper storage is essential to preserving your books, and collectors should take steps to minimize exposure to heat, humidity, vibration and light.”

CGC also recommends that “CGC-certified books be stored in a dark, dry, cool, temperature-controlled location. CGC's holders have withstood the test of time and have been shown to provide outstanding long-term protection and preservation.”