How do I use KRW Currency on StockX?


As a dynamic, global marketplace, our goal is to enable you to competitively price items in your local currency.


Our latest currency launch, KRW, will provide you with the opportunity to view the StockX experience in KRW - browse the homepage, product pages as well as place an Ask or Bid. Choosing KRW as your local currency will result in some changes to your experience, including payment and payout support.



You can use any international credit card, backed by all major brands - Visa, Mastercard, American Express - as well as wallet payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay if supported on your device. 


We are not able to support payments via PayPal at this time. If your preferred payment method is PayPal, we recommend using an alternate payment method, such as a Visa or Mastercard. If you wish to checkout with PayPal, please revert back to USD.


If you change your currency to KRW, be sure to update your payment method prior to placing any Bid in order to avoid issues with your Bid being accepted. You can update your payment method in your Account Settings.




Placing an Ask in KRW means that you will now see your Ask amount, selling fees, and other transaction costs displayed in KRW. At this time,we are not able to support payouts in KRW.  This means that while your Ask will be placed in KRW, your payout will be issued in USD. 


The value of your final payout in USD will be calculated based on the market exchange rate present at the time of sale. If you place an Ask, this means that as exchange rates fluctuate, so will your Ask amount and as a result, your payout amount. Once your Ask is matched, the final payout amount will reflect the exchange rate at that time. If you choose to sell your item using the Sell Now option, your payout amount will reflect the amount shown in the ask flow at the time of order creation. The KRW value of your Ask will remain the same, unless you choose to update it.


Receiving Your Payout

You can choose to receive your payout via Hyperwallet* in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. PayPal  - your payout will be issued from StockX to your PayPal wallet in USD. From here, you can immediately transfer your funds in either KRW (A 2.5% fee may apply) or USD, depending on your preferences within your wallet. You can also choose to hold your funds in your PayPal wallet and transfer them at a later date.
  2. Wire Transfer - your payout will be transferred to your Hyperwallet account in USD. From here, you can transfer the funds via wire in KRW. There will be a $2 USD transfer fee deducted from your payout before the wire is initiated. A foreign exchange* (FX) fee will also apply.  

*Currency conversion will take place at the exchange rate dictated by our  financial institution at the time we notify to initiate the disbursement ("Foreign Exchange Fees"). Exchange rates fluctuate under market conditions and the rate used will be indicative of the market value at the time of the transfer.

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