How does Brexit affect my experience with StockX?


How will COVID 19 travel restrictions affect my order?

Due to delays with our shipping carrier partners, brought on by COVID-19 and increased online holiday shopping, your order may be subject to delays in payout and delivery. We are working as quickly as possible to process your order and get it delivered.


How will Brexit affect pricing on StockX?

With the UK leaving the European Union, there are new duty and tax charges for imports from continental Europe. When shopping in the UK all applicable duties and taxes are included in the price you see. This may cause prices to seem higher than previously, and it’s to ensure your purchase follows all local laws and you have no surprise charges upon delivery. 


Will Brexit cause order delays?

Our delivery partners are expecting delays at customs for parcels entering and leaving the UK. Users may see delays with their orders. By matching UK Buyers with UK Sellers, we will try to mitigate any delivery delays by keeping transactions within the country through our London authentication center.


Why am I experiencing more payment failures since Brexit? 

The UK and EU governing bodies did not sign a banking equivalency clause, and this may cause an increase in payment failures if you are a UK citizen with a bank account in a European based bank. Please contact your bank to see if you will be impacted.


After Brexit can I still order from outside the UK? 

Yes, StockX is a global community. Any user can buy and sell from anywhere in the world, ensuring you always shop the lowest market price possible. All applicable duties and taxes will be included at the time of purchase. Please note that orders from European sellers may see increased delivery times due to delays at the border. 

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