How does shipping on StockX work for Buyers?


For standard orders, once you have purchased an item on StockX, the Seller packages the item and drops it off at a shipping carrier for delivery to a StockX Verification Center. The Seller typically has two full business days after the order day to ship their item to a StockX Verification Center—three for new release shoes and streetwear and five for Supreme items, due to the nature of their drops and deliveries.

If you are a US customer and purchased an Xpress Ship item, the shipping process is expedited. These items are already verified, stored at our Verification Centers, and will be shipped immediately after your order is placed and delivered within three business days. To learn more, please visit our FAQ: What is Xpress Ship?
As a Buyer, you can expect to receive the following email notifications from StockX for a standard purchase:

  1. An order confirmation (including order number) when your purchase is completed
  2. A confirmation when the Seller ships the item to the Verification Center
  3. A notification when your item has been verified and shipped
  4. A confirmation that your delivery has been received

For standard purchases, you won't receive a shipping confirmation until the item has been verified and is en route to your delivery address, but you can always check the status of your order prior to receiving it by viewing your pending orders from the StockX Buying tab, which you can navigate to by clicking My Account > Buying.

For Xpress Ship purchases, you will receive a shipping confirmation shortly after placing an order.

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