How long do I have to ship my item after I make a sale?


Once you've sold an item on the StockX platform, you can view your pending orders from the StockX Buying tab, or navigate to My Account > Selling > Pending to see all pending orders that you still have to ship. From there, you'll be able to access your shipping label and invoice.

As a Seller, you are given two -business days to ship most items, with the following exceptions:


  • New release sneakers and streetwear - three days
    • Please note: new release sneakers must be sold on or before the release date to qualify.
  • Supreme releases - five days
  • Other items may be given extended shipping time frames due to the nature of their release

Your item should be packaged according to StockX's shipping guidelines, outlined here: How To Properly Ship Your Item To StockX

Generally, this means shipping your item with the invoice on the inside of the shipping box and the shipping label attached to the outside. For more information about how to package specific items sold on the site, please browse our product verticals:


Can I reuse an old box to ship something to StockX?

Yes, you can reuse an old box to ship an item to StockX provided you follow a few general guidelines:


  • Ensure that the box you are using is no more than 2in/5cm larger on any side than the box of the item you're shipping
  • Remove all old labels, stickers and barcodes from the shipping box
  • Remove any HAZMAT stickers or warning labels
    • Note: Even if the item you're shipping does not contain these materials, it is illegal to ship with these labels on the box. StockX cannot accept any item that arrives at our Authentication Center with these labels still attached.

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