How much does shipping cost for Sellers?


As a Seller, your shipping cost is deducted from your total payout. 

Once a transaction is complete, you will receive a shipping label in your “My Account” section of the site. You are responsible for packaging and dropping off with the shipping carrier on the label provided to you. After the product arrives and our team of experts verify the item and condition, your payout will be released. 

Heavier items? We adjust the shipping costs when necessary for heavier items and multi-item packs. So, still use the label we provide even if the weight is incorrect on the label.

Commercial invoice? If you are required to include a commercial invoice for international shipping between continents, we will provide it along with a UPS shipping label. If you don't see a commercial invoice, you don't need it. For further instructions on shipping with commercial invoices, please visit our Shipping Instructions FAQ.

Estimated base shipping rates can be located in the table below. These costs are subject to change for specific products based on a variety of factors, including the price of the item, size of the item, item type, shipping costs determined by our carrier partners, and location of the Seller. For information about bulk shipping costs, please visit our FAQ: What is bulk shipping? 

Note: Depending on your location, you can benefit from free shipping by utilizing one of our StockX drop-off locations.  

Shipping Costs

All Other Markets: $30.00 USD





Austria5 €EUR
Australia8 €EUR
Belgium5 €EUR
Bulgaria9 €EUR
Czechia5 €EUR
Germany5 €EUR
Denmark5 €EUR
Estonia5 €EUR
Spain5 €EUR
Finland9 €EUR
France5 €EUR
United Kingdom£4GBP
Greece9 €EUR
Hong Kong$48HKD
Croatia 5 €EUR
Hungary9 €EUR
Italy5 €EUR
Lithuania5 €EUR
Luxembourg9 €EUR
Latvia5 €EUR
Malta9 €EUR
Netherlands5 €EUR
Poland5 €EUR
Portugal5 €EUR
Romania5 €EUR
Sweden9 €EUR
Singapore5 €EUR
Slovakia5 €EUR
United States$4USD


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