What are the condition guidelines for Bearbricks sold on StockX?

All Bearbricks sold on StockX are required to be brand new and undamaged. They should have no major defects, discoloration, or marks. Due to the age of some Bearbricks and the manufacturing process of the brand, minor paint flaws or inconsistencies are extremely common and do meet the StockX definition of deadstock. While Bearbricks that have been on display may meet these condition requirements, we do encourage Sellers to be mindful of any potential sunlight damage and box warping before sending the item in. Returns will not be accepted for minor manufacturing inconsistencies, particularly on Bearbricks more than 2 years old.

We require that all Bearbricks come complete with the original box and internal plastic or styrofoam packaging. The original shipping box is not required to be included, however, we encourage Sellers to ship in the original shipping box if possible. Please note, with the exception of blind boxes, all Bearbrick collectibles will be opened by StockX as part of the verification process.

As a reminder, StockX is not responsible for damaged items that are not packaged properly.