What are the condition guidelines for skate decks sold on StockX?


Skate decks sold on StockX must be in brand new and undamaged condition. Faded paint and sun damage to the deck are not accepted. Shrink-wrap is recommended but not required for a deck to be sold on StockX, as we will inspect the deck and re-wrap it before sending it to the Buyer.

Keep in mind when buying skate decks on StockX that it is not out of the ordinary for shrink-wrap to have minor tears upon arrival, as minor damage to the wrap can occur during transit.

Sellers interested in selling skate decks on StockX are also encouraged to be mindful of how they store them prior to sale. Storing decks in non-room temperature climates may cause natural shifts, warps, or bowing in the wood of the deck. This in turn can cause fractures and wrinkles in the lacquer which, if large enough, will not pass verification.

How should I ship a skate deck to StockX?

All decks must be shipped to us in a shipping box that is large enough to comfortably hold the item. The original box from the distributor is the most ideal way to ship. We also require skate decks to be packaged with bubble wrap and/or padding to prevent any damage en route to our facilities.


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