What is the P2B Regulation?


The European Union (EU) Regulation on platform-to-business “Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online information services” (“P2B Regulation”) intends to create a fair, transparent, and predictable business environment for sellers on online platforms. 

The P2B Regulation applies to StockX Sellers established or resident in the EU or UK that also offer their products to consumers located in the EU or UK. For more information, our terms and conditions are always available.

If you are an EU or UK based StockX Seller and would like to submit a P2B concern, please use our P2B Contact Form

If you are an EU resident and would like to exercise your right of withdrawal, you can find more information in our FAQ: What does the Right of Withdrawal mean for EU/UK customers?

If you have a general question or concern, please use our standard Contact Us form.


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