What models of iPhone are available on StockX?


The iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini and iPhone 13 are now available for Asking and Bidding on StockX. 



What are the condition guidelines for iPhone 12s sold on StockX? 


The iPhone must be new, contract free, unopened, undamaged, and sealed in the original Apple packaging. We understand the product box might have slight rips/blemishes from the transportation process, so as long as the damage is minor and the box is not accessible for Sellers to gain access to the product, we can pass for trading.


At this time only the US version of the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini are available for sale.



How do I ship my iPhone to StockX?


When shipping electronics to StockX, make sure the item is securely packaged. Follow our instructions on this blog post for more information on shipping your iPhone: How To Properly Ship Your Item To StockX.


What is the verification process for iPhones sold on StockX?


Our team of experts will review the item to make sure it is the right color, capacity, and carrier compatibility (and region) selected for each trade.  Our experts will also check to ensure the phone is not stolen or locked to a contract by using the device’s IMEI number and performing an IMEI check.


What comes with my iPhone when I buy it on StockX?


The iPhone will only come with the original contents of the packaging, which includes a charging cable, but does not include the power adapter or EarPods.


A StockX Verified Sticker will be placed at the bottom edge of the box above the shrink wrap packaging. 



How can I be sure that the iPhone I buy is compatible with my carrier?


The product page will list the model number of the iPhone for sale on that page. Please check with your carrier to make sure that this model number is compatible. 



What should I do if I have questions about the iPhone?


If you have any specific questions about the iPhone or troubleshooting please contact Apple directly: Official Apple Support



How do I sell my iPhone on StockX?


If the iPhone is new, contract free, unopened, in an undamaged box, and sealed in original Apple packaging and plastic wrap, you can trade the product on StockX. 



Are unlocked iPhones available for Asking and Bidding on StockX?


Yes. You can trade iPhones that are Unlocked. We also allow trading for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon models of the iPhone 12s (pending that the phones are not tied to a contract via IMEI check). Please double check the model, capacity, carrier, and color before placing your Ask or Bid. 



I bought the wrong iPhone, am I able to resell it on StockX?


Once the package has been opened it no longer is eligible to sell on StockX. We strongly encourage that you double check the model, capacity, carrier, and color before opening your package. 

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