What are the condition guidelines for a KAWS figurine sold on StockX?

All KAWS figures sold on StockX must be brand new and undamaged. They should have no defects, discoloration, marks, or scratches. Minor paint flaws, marks, and superficial scratches are acceptable and a common result of the manufacturing process.

Due to the nature of the packaging for specific KAWS items, the following products are required to be sold sealed:

  • KAWS Open Edition Companion (2016/2017)
  • KAWS Vinyl BFF (2017/2018)
  • KAWS Small Lie (2017)
  • KAWS Together (2017)
  • KAWS Passing Through (2018)

All other KAWS products are not required to be sealed, they simply must include the original packaging and be in deadstock condition.

Once you have sold your KAWS figure and are ready to send it to us, follow the guidelines in the FAQ: Shipping Instructions. As a reminder, StockX is not responsible for items not packaged properly.