As a Buyer, what are my delivery options if my shipping carrier is DHL?


Deliveries with DHL can be managed using the On Demand Delivery (ODD) tool. With ODD, a package can be held at any specified service point for a certain amount of time. By contacting DHL, you can establish how long you want a package to be held for before it's delivered. The maximum length of time is subject to the approval of DHL.


DHL On Demand Delivery also offers the following options:

  • 30-day holiday hold


Please note that all options may not be available to all Buyers and StockX cannot make these changes or handle these requests on your behalf. 

If you use a shipping provider's tools to alter your delivery address (address change, delivery window), you will no longer be able to file a claim for that package through StockX if it is not delivered or is delivered damaged.

For more information about ODD, please visit the DHL website: DHL On Demand

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