Can I get an extension on shipping?


In order to ensure the best experience possible for all customers, we ask Sellers to ship their item by the date indicated in their order details. 

If a shipping extension is needed, Sellers can handle this themselves by requesting a 24-hour extension once per order. NB: a shipping extension must be requested before the ship-by date.  

To request an extension, simply navigate to the Selling tab of your StockX account and complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Pending tab.
  2. Locate the order to extend and click "Extend" in the "Ship By" column.

After your submission, you will receive an automatic Approved or Denied response:

  • If the order has not had a previous extension and the request is made before the ship-by date, the request will be approved. 
  • If the order has already had an extension or the request is made after the ship-by date, the request will be denied.

Can I request an extension for an item that is a part of a bulk shipment?

At this time, an extension cannot be issued for an item that is a part of a bulk shipment. In order for an extension to be applied, the item must first be removed from the bulk shipment. The item can be added back to the bulk shipment once the extension has been applied.

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