What is Solvvy and how do I use it?


Solvvy is StockX's chat support function and the first step towards finding a solution to your issue or contacting customer support. From the StockX Help page (or from any FAQ article), click the "Contact Us" button in the bottom left-hand corner to start a Solvvy workflow.


When you click "Contact Us," you'll be presented with three options, outlining the three most common customer issues on the StockX platform:

  1. Where is my order?

  2. Where is my payout?

  3. I've got a problem with my purchase


Each of these selections will direct you to a workflow to clarify what your specific issue is. If this can't be done by self-service, Solvvy will also assist you in opening an investigation into a missing package, connect you with customer service and help you address issues with your purchased item.


What if I have an issue not covered by Solvvy's suggestions?


If you don't see your problem listed, you can also ask Solvvy a question based on the issue you're having. Solvvy will then ask for more details about your query if necessary and then recommend Help Centre articles designed to assist you in troubleshooting your issue. If the Help Centre articles don't solve your issue, you can request further assistance and Solvvy will connect you to customer support.


What is the best way to phrase my issue to Solvvy?


In general, StockX advises that you provide Solvvy with the most context and details about your issue that you can when writing your query. This will not only help Solvvy connect you to the best Help Centre content for your specific issue, it will also help you give all the relevant data to the customer support representative in the case that Solvvy is not able to resolve your issue with self-service.


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