What is the difference between "Sell Now" and an "Ask"?


"Sell Now" sells your item to the Buyer with the highest bid immediately, even if it's lower than the lowest Ask. If you like the current highest offer on an item with respect to the size you’re trying to sell, this is the easiest way to lock in a Buyer and get paid.


Placing an "Ask" allows you to set how much you think your particular item is worth. Buyers can only purchase from the lowest Ask available, so if that's yours, a Buyer will buy from you as soon as they're interested in meeting your Ask price.



How long do Asks stay live for on the site?


As a Seller, when you place an Ask you'll be able to determine how many days the Ask is live for—1, 3, 7, 14, 30 or 60. You will always receive an email from StockX when your Ask is about to expire to see if you would like to extend it. Additionally, you are free to adjust the price of your Ask or cancel it at any point before it meets a Bid, either by clicking the "Sell" or "Ask" button on the product page for the item you're selling or by navigating to the My Account > Selling > Current section of your StockX Selling tab. 


You can adjust your Ask price for an item at any point up until it is matched with a Buyer. Once your Ask has been met however, your item is considered sold. You will receive  instructions to start the next steps which will get your sent item off to a StockX Verification Centre and end with you getting paid.



How do I manage my Asks and Sales?


To check the status of your listings, you can access the Selling tab in your StockX account where they will be separated into the categories Current, Pending and History.

  • Current displays all active Asks—green numbers indicate a lowest Ask, while red numbers indicate a lower Ask has been listed. Black numbers indicate an inactive listing.
  • Pending displays all current sales in progress
  • History shows all completed sales

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