Can StockX remove or transfer an NFT from my Portfolio?


StockX will only remove or transfer an NFT from your Portfolio in the following instances:
  • We will transfer the NFT from your Portfolio when you sell an NFT.
  • We will remove the NFT in exchange for the physical item in the StockX Vault when you ask for that item to be sent to you (also known as "redemption").
  • We will remove the NFT when the NFT expires or is used (if applicable, this will be clearly called out in the Additional NFT Terms in the NFT Product Description).
  • We will transfer the NFT to an external wallet when the Owner initiates a transfer (this feature is not available yet).
Please refer to the fine print in the Product Details > Product Description section for any Additional NFT Terms applicable to a particular NFT.  In these Additional NFT Terms, we will always inform you if and when the NFT is subject to redemption or removal from your Portfolio.

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