The Guide to Setting Up and Using Your Payout Information


On StockX, all payout transactions for our Sellers are managed by Hyperwallet, a Paypal Service. In order to be paid out for sales made on StockX, you must set up Hyperwallet first. More information on how to do so, and general information about Hyperwallet troubleshooting can be found at: Hyperwallet StockX Support Center.
What information does Hyperwallet need to set up my payout information?
Hyperwallet requires two pieces of identifying evidence, one that verifies your identity and one that verifies your address. Your options for providing these pieces of information are as follows:
  • Identity-verifying documents: Government or National ID, Driver's License, Passport
  • Residence-verifying documents: Utility bill (e.g., gas, electric, water, cable, phone), Financial statement, National ID, Government issued documents (e.g., tax bills, balancing statements)
Once these documents have been submitted, your information should be verified by Hyperwallet within two business days. You'll be contacted if Hyperwallet needs additional information.
How do I set up my payout information?
Set up your payout info in the Settings section of your My Account tab. From the Payout Info section, select the “Edit” button which will direct you to Hyperwallet in a separate window. To activate your Hyperwallet account, enter payout settings and add your payout method. From here, you can manage payout transfer methods, select preferences, and track payments from StockX.
Available payout options include
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Bank Account
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Account
  • PayPal
When you sell an item on StockX, payouts are typically processed within 30 minutes.
Note: When a payout is being sent to a debit card, additional payout fees will include 2% of the transfer amount (up to $9.95 USD) and a foreign exchange fee (if applicable). 
How do I change my payout information?
You can always edit your payout info in the Settings section of your My Account tab. When you choose the “Edit” button you will be directed to Hyperwallet. Select the “+Add Payout Method” button to add a new account. You can then choose the “Change Default Payout Method” button to update your payout method and select the default. New payout details will not be updated until you receive an authentication email from the StockX system that asks you to verify that you made the recent changes in your payout information—following the instructions provided within the email will confirm the new payout method. Be on the lookout for this email as it is only active for 72 hours.
If you do not receive this authentication email, it is likely that your StockX account is registered under a social media account, not an email address and you will need to check the email account associated with your social account before changes can be made. If these tips do not solve your issue, you are encouraged to contact our Support Team  for more information.
To delete your payout method please, Contact Us by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the Help Center page (or down below) and request “Delete Payout.”
Is there a limit to how many Hyperwallet accounts I can use on StockX?
Yes, there is a maximum of three Hyperwallet accounts allowed per user.


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