Why hasn't my Seller shipped?


Due to the nature of a global marketplace and the length of time Asks are live on the site, StockX allows Sellers a shipping window of several days as a courtesy and a convenience to them. 

Reasons why a Seller might not have shipped yet are generally one of the following:

  • It's still within the time frame allotted the Seller to package their item and drop it off at the shipping service.

    • New release sneakers and streetwear = three days  

    • Supreme releases = five days 

      • Please note that day of sale, weekends, and holidays do not count as shipping days

    • Other items may be given extended shipping time frames due to the nature of their release

  • The Seller dropped their item off at a UPS access point instead of a UPS store, causing a delay in the item getting scanned in

  • The Seller requested a 24-hour shipping extension

Transactions on StockX are generally resolved within 7-12 days. In the case of an unreasonable amount of time passing in between a Buyer purchasing an item and failing to get shipping confirmation—generally after five days—StockX will take steps to place you with another Seller at no additional cost or, if we are unable to, refund your purchase price.

If more than five business days after your purchase have passed without shipping confirmation, visit the Help page on StockX and select the Contact Us button to create a case for more information and additional assistance.

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