What kinds of watches are sold on StockX?


StockX provides a marketplace for over 25 brands of luxury watches on our site, with everything from everyday workhorses like Timex, Casio and Seiko to conversation pieces and showstoppers like Cartier, Rolex and Jacob & Co.  


If you're looking for a Shinola, Omega or something else entirely, StockX offers over 5,000 different listings and more for you to peruse to make sure you have the perfect timepiece for any occasion.


What are the condition requirements for watches sold on StockX?


StockX requires all watches to be in brand new condition. StockX defines this as unworn and flawless. Please ensure you meet all the requirements below before listing your watch on StockX:


  • Original box and brand warranty card must be included. Can be dated or not dated.
  • Any originally included accessories must be present (additional straps, tools etc)
  • Manual and/or tags are strongly encouraged but not required
  • A bracelet must fit a 7" (177.8 mm) wrist for a men's watch and 6" (152.4 mm) for a women’s watch. Additional links are strongly encouraged but not required.
  • Watch and included materials are in flawless condition, i.e. the box shouldn't be falling apart


Each watch sent to StockX will undergo a thorough inspection by our team of master watchmakers to ensure its authenticity and confirm its condition. 

This includes:

  • A full internal movement condition inspection 
  • An external condition assessment including lugs, case, crystal, dial and bracelet
  • A timing test, including necessary adjustments to meet manufacturer standards and functionality
  • Water-resistance testing 
  • Amplitude testing


As with items sold at retail, some products will pass our inspection despite having superficial signs of wear from handling or storage.

For more information on conditions for watches, refer to blog post: How to Follow StockX Watch Condition Guide.


How should I ship watches to StockX?

Once your watch has been purchased, all that’s left is to ship the watch to StockX for verification. Don't worry, for US sellers we cover all shipping and insurance costs. Follow our recommended steps outlined below for easy and safe shipping:

  • Carefully package your watch in a small box, use additional packaging such as bubble wrap, paper, foam padding or polystyrene packing chips to reduce any movement of the watch.
  • Affix the label provided to the inner box
  • Place the smaller box inside a larger courier box. Ensure that movement is restricted with extra filling material.
  • Place the order sheet on top of the smaller box for processing by StockX.
  • Seal all seams and flaps on the outside box with clear or plain parcel tape
  • Print the shipping label provided and affix to the outer box
  • Choose your wording carefully so as not to reveal the valuable contents of the package
  • Drop off your package at the nearest location of the shipping carrier provided


Some carriers may give you the option to schedule a pick-up instead. Note:  In order for insurance to cover your package, you must either drop it off at your shipping carrier or schedule a pick-up.


What will my watch come with when I buy it from StockX?


Watches purchased at StockX are guaranteed to come with the following:


  • A StockX Certificate of Authenticity which verifies the condition and authenticity of your timepiece. It also lists the watch's make, model, reference and serial numbers.
  • The watch's original box
  • The watch's brand warranty card, which may or may not be dated (please note manufacturer warranties are generally non-transferrable).


Additionally, your watch purchase on StockX may, but is not guaranteed to, come with the following:


  • The watch's manual and/or tags
  • Any original accessories, as applicable

To determine if any accessories are included with your purchase, navigate to the Product Details section of the item’s product page. 

How do I take care of my watch?


Keeping your watch in good working order is easy with some basic maintenance. Here are a few tips:


  • Avoid exposing your non-water resistant watch to moisture 
  • Metal bracelets can be cleaned with slightly soapy water and a soft toothbrush
  • Never adjust the date on your watch when the hour hand is between 9 and 3 to avoid damage to the watch gears and pinion
  • Water resistant watches should always have the crown screwed down tightly before exposure to water
  • A mechanical watch should be wound fully at the same time each day until you feel resistance
  • A self-winding watch should be worn daily to remain at peak accuracy
  • Avoid extreme temperatures with your watch, and unless you’re rocking a Milgauss or Ingenieur, stay away from magnetic fields. Always avoid direct contact with magnets.
  • Unexpected impacts or shocks can result in damage to the case, crystal or crown, as well as the internal components.
  • Take the watch off your wrist to wind it

Take advantage of the manufacturer recommended maintenance check-ups if your watch came with a transferable warranty as well – they don't come around that often and can add many years to the life of your watch.

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