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여성 adidas Ultra Boost 4.0

부스트 테크놀로지는 아디다스의 차원을 높였습니다. 페이지 아래에서 모든 컬러웨이의 아디다스 울트라 부스트 4.0을 구매 및 판매하세요!

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adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Game of Thrones House Targaryen White (Women's)

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Boost Technology has helped make adidas the second most popular athletic shoe in the U.S. This revolutionary cushioning material is made by steaming foam capsules together. When the first Ultra Boost running shoe was released in 2015, the incredible comfort of the Boost foam was its biggest selling point. Almost instantly, it was regarded as one of the greatest running shoes of all time. It wasn't only the foam, though. Primeknit and Torsion technology were also used in the design. The Ultra Boost 4.0 was released in late November of 2017. The shoe was highly anticipated, with sneaker fans excited about the colorways as they were announced. The Ultra Boost 4.0 has been the basis for plenty of interesting color combinations, including some based on "Game of Thrones." The most popular include the Running White/Running White and tweedy Core Black/Core Black/Cloud White colorways.