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여성 Luxury Brands Prada

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Prada Cloudbust Thunder Sneakers White (Women's)

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Today, that commitment to craftsmanship shows in the way Prada designs their sneakers. Unlike most athletic footwear brands, Prada manufactures sneakers in a plant designed for more traditional shoes. That means the same high-quality leathers and assembly methods, like turning, are used. Prada's take on classic adidas is a perfectly balanced Italian luxury shoe, made from full-grain leather. In recent years, Prada's sneaker releases have run the gamut from updates of classics like the adidas Superstar to futuristic modern sneakers like the Cloudbust. The Prada Cloudbust Neon Green is one of Prada's most popular releases in recent years. The rounded sole looks space-aged while the upper is sleek.