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Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere Epi 55 Black

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"This Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere 55 features Supreme’s signature logo in glossy black Futura heavy Oblique font on durable Louis Vuitton Epi leather. The bag includes silvertone hardware, a leather name tag as well as leather handles and a convenient removable strap with a shoulder patch. Introduced in 1930 and now available in four sizes, including the 55, the Keepall was one of the first bags ever made by Louis Vuitton that is still in production today. Supreme, dubbed the ""coolest streetwear brand in the world right now"" by GQ debuted in 1994,140 years after Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris. Their collaboration was first shown at Paris Men’s Fashion Week in January 2017. The capsule collection includes clothing, accessories, shoes, trunks and leather goods. Both stylish and practical, the Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere 55 perfectly combines classic LV style and the Supreme cool."

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Louis Vuitton's Taiga leather is named after the Taiga forest in Russia, the world's largest biome....
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