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Louis Vuitton Lussac Epi Black
Epi Black

Louis Vuitton Lussac Epi Black

Retail Price: $1,140
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11.8H 14.2W 4.3D Strap 10

This authentic Louis Vuitton Lussac Epi Black is stunning. It features LV signature epi Black leather with a smooth leather handle with zipper closure, The gold tone hardware looks beautiful on the black epi leather. A sophisticated bag that is great for all occasions. This is a chic and sophisticated Louis Vuitton bag to carry all your daily essentials. This Louis Vuitton Lussac Epi Black Bag is available to buy and sell online and features a roomy interior with a double zip opening and plenty of interior pockets. A perfectly elegant everyday carryall. Another feature of the bag is the fact that both sides zip down completely – there are two zippers which meet in the middle and you can also use them to zip down the sides so that the bag expands. Even though the Lussac is very large, it’s also very sleek. The Louis Vuitton Epi Leather collection was first introduced in 1985 and was created to respond to the demand for more durable leather necessary in modern travel conditions. Epi leather is dyed all the way through and has a grainy texture which can withstand any weather condition. It comes in a multitude of colors that keeps us coming back for more. The Louis Vuitton Lussac Epi Black is an excellent shoulder bag for everyday use as well as a chic bag for entertainment and socializing that calls for the special touch of luxury and style from Louis Vuitton.

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Louis Vuitton Lussac Epi Black
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