Apparel - March 4, 2022

A Perfect Fit: New Balance 990v3 JJJJound Olive

Elhadji Mare

Elhadji is a Content Manager and Writer @ StockX

Put together A Perfect Fit for JJJJound's latest collaboration with New Balance.

Put together A Perfect Fit for JJJJound's latest collaboration with New Balance.

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New Balance continues to maintain the 990 series’ relevance within sneaker culture with their latest JJJJound collaboration. It was only October that the JJJJound imprint and its founder Justin Saunders dropped their 990v4 project with New Balance, which featured the sneaker in an entirely dark navy colorway. Their new JJJJound collab rides the momentum of that 2021 release and brings a brighter shade just in time for spring. If you secured a pair of the New Balance 990v3 JJJJound Olive, then make it a worthwhile cop by creating a stylish fit to match. Count on StockX to help you put A Perfect Fit together with all of your new kicks.

JJJJound doesn’t just fit within one category. To many, it is an elusive brand that continues to wear many hats, from mood board blog to a minimalist clothier as it is popularly known as today. Some can say that JJJJound’s early work around moodboard blog pages has helped open the doors for some of today’s popular mood boards that take over fashion lovers’ Instagram feeds, such as Hidden.NY and Undercoverosh. The popularity of JJJJound has even seeped into popular culture, with icons like Ye proclaiming in a Surface Magazine interview that he asks himself “Is this JJJJound approved?” when working on album covers and other projects. JJJJound’s notable and specific aesthetic, which consists largely of monotone colors and vintage looks, has led to lending a creative eye to many sneaker collaborations with brands like Vans, Reebok, and New Balance. This New Balance 990v3 combines Olive green suede and mesh uppers with an off-white midsole, which, when paired together, give the sneaker an aged appearance.

Cactus Plant Flea Market Swamp Cowboy Pullover Green

If you live in a place that is slowly transitioning between winter and spring, then fleece may be your best friend when tackling the cool, warming weather. Up your fleece game with this pullover from Cactus Plant Flea Market. The Cactus Plant Flea Market Swamp Cowboy Pullover is made of a fleece material thick enough to keep anybody warm. The most eye-catching part of this piece is its Swamp dye effect throughout, which is uniquely applied to each pullover so that no two are alike. This CPFM pullover pairs nicely with the 990v3s in both color and hype, as CPFM and JJJJound are two brands that continuously drive engagement on social feeds.

Louis Vuitton Soft Trunk Monogram Powder White

For those looking to add a touch of luxe to these New Balance sneakers, look no further than this Louis Vuitton bag. The Louis Vuitton Soft Trunk Monogram Powder White is a gender-neutral piece that brings an upgraded high-end look to the streetwear-favorite crossbody accessory. This Soft Trunk is made of premium white cowhide leather with Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram debossed all over the bag. The bag is a versatile statement piece that can be both dressed up or down, offering a stylish addition to the New Balance 990v3s or any other sneakers you’d like to pair with it.

Supreme Classic Logo Tee Light Olive

The beauty of a brand like Supreme is that they make items for both the most exuberant or reserved of people. Supreme’s Classic Logo Tee Light Olive from their recent Spring/Summer collection, is a piece suitable for those that are looking to have an equally calm outfit with these New Balances. The tee features one of Supreme’s more common designs, their Classic Logo which has printed Supreme New York, swapping out the brand’s traditional Futura font for thin Helvetica Neue. The Light Olive green color is almost an identical color to the kicks, making the tee an easy go-to for all-day wear.

Stüssy x Our Legacy Recycled Twill Bucket Green

Similar to the Supreme Classic Logo Tee, this bucket hat from Stüssy and Swedish brand Our Legacy is another low-key hitter that is sure to add to your look. The Stüssy x Our Legacy Recycled Twill Bucket in green, as described in its name, is made from recycled materials, making it a green hat in more ways than one. The hat is also hand-dyed in California with the use of plant materials that, as stated by Stüssy, brings “skin soothing medicinal properties” when wearing it on your head. The design of the hat gives off this pre-worn look that JJJJound prides themselves on using, making it a great headwear option for these New Balances.

BAPE One Point Sweat Shorts Grey/Yellow

If you’re going for a more laid-back look, sweat shorts are one of the top picks for a relaxed fit. Add in some BAPE and you have yourself a minimal and comfortable outfit that delivers some extra flare. The BAPE One Point Sweat Shorts may look like your average pair of grey sweats, but they actually feature a small BAPE Head embroidered patch on the bottom corner and a BAPE Camo back pocket. Grey matches with just about anything so pairing these with the JJJJound 990v3s is a no-brainer.


Almost Home First Pick Track Pants Sage Grey

It’s not quite shorts season for some around the world yet, so pants are a must when stepping outside. London-based brand Almost Home has offered a pair of track pants that are worthy of keeping your legs warm. The Almost Home First Pick Track Pant is constructed from reverse weave cotton, which is engineered to insulate heat. Each pair of pants are handmade and individually garment dyed as well to give a natural, one-of-a-kind look to every pair. Lastly, ruched elastic cuffs can be cinched closer to the leg, helping showcase the New Balance 990v3s in a retro fashion.