How To Earn Lower Seller Fees

“Cash rules everything around me.” – Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan.

We know that getting paid is the most important part of selling. We know that you want to be paid as soon as humanly possible. That’s why we have the fastest turnaround time for payouts. We also know that everyone wants lower fees. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to earn lower fees simply by doing what you do best, SELL.

It takes only 3 sales to earn Seller Level 2 , which earns you 0.5% lower fees. Those 3 sales must total over $500 but most of you can do that in your sleep. Check out the chart below to see the rest of our Seller Levels.

StockX Seller Level Fees

For more info on Seller Levels, check out our FAQs and if you have questions, reach us at [email protected]

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