September 23, 2019

Last updated on February 10, 2021

StockX Funko Pop! Box Condition Guidelines

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So, you want to sell your Funko Pop! figures on StockX? No problem…but hold up a minute. Before you make your first Funko Pop! sale, you need to make sure your Pop! meets our box condition standards.

As all Funko Pop! collectors and enthusiasts know, box condition is of utmost importance. Here at StockX, we’ve established condition standards for every Funko Pop! that trades through our platform. Funko Pop! figures that do not meet our standards will be refused, so make sure you follow the guidelines below for a smooth transaction. Once you’ve determined you’re good to go, read our Funko Pop! shipping guidelines to make sure it stays safe on the way to one of our authentication facilities.


Original box and internal packaging included
For starters, make sure the original box (and internal plastic packaging) is included in your shipment. Loose figures will NOT be accepted.

Box is free from dirt and excessive dust
Your Funko Pop! box shouldn’t be dirty or dusty. Feel free to give it a wipe down before sending, if it’s been collecting dust in your collection. If your box is dirty upon arrival, it will NOT be accepted.

Box is free of marks, tears, creases, and dents
Make sure your Funko Pop! box is doesn’t have any noticeable condition issues. Flaws like dented box corners, ripped packaging, visible marks, or creasing will NOT be accepted.


Box shows no signs of sun fading/damage
The colors on your Funko Pop! box should be bright and crisp. Boxes that have noticeable fading from sun damage will NOT be accepted.

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