August 5, 2020

DropX: Funko Pop! Rocks J Balvin "Green Hair" Limited Edition Chase Figure #136

Introducing DropX, the digital shock drop you never knew you needed. To kick things off, we’re releasing J. Balvin’s exclusive Funko Pop! exclusively on our marketplace.

At StockX, we pride ourselves on providing access to the most exclusive products, whether it be an Off-White sneaker or a Chanel handbag. And with our IPOs we’ve started releasing products directly to our marketplace in a new and innovative way. Now, we’re ready to change the game again with new shock drops directly onto our marketplace. 

Enter DropX. A digitally-driven event that offers StockX customers exclusive access to highly coveted new releases. The concept is simple: we suddenly drop a new product as listed on StockX and share on our social media, allowing those engaging the first opportunity to Bid or Buy the item exclusively on our marketplace. Sometimes it will be following an IG Live roundtable with the brand/creator themselves, sometimes it will be a random Tweet on a Tuesday. The point is you will never know what to expect.

And for our first DropX, we’re linking with JBalvin to release the limited edition Funko Pop! Rocks J Balvin “Green Hair” Chase Figure #136.

This exclusive release showcases J Balvin in his signature pose. J Balvin’s first Funko Pop! Released in October 2019, and this version is the “chase” variant, showcasing the artist with his hair dyed neon green. 

Limited to only 500 available units. 

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 12:00pm EDT when we’ll be dropping this coveted collectible exclusively on StockX.