Accessories - November 16, 2018

Watches Holiday Gift Guide

The greatest gifts for your wrist and beyond.

The greatest gifts for your wrist and beyond.

The holidays can be a little overwhelming when it comes to finding the right gifts for the right people. If you’re looking for the right watch this season, we’ve got you covered. At StockX, we’ve gathered some of our favorites from this year, and even some forgotten treasures to help make your holidays a lot better. Not ready to swing for the fences on a watch? Not a problem, we’ve got options starting at under $20 that we think you’ll love. Let’s dig in.

watches holiday gift guide

Tudor Black Bay 58 M79030N

One of the hottest watches of the year came from Tudor who, by addressing the biggest criticisms of their popular Black Bay, found their sweet spot with the revised Black Bay 58. It’s safe to say they underestimated demand, as this watch is still a tough ticket to come by. It’s easy to see why, though – it takes all the best part of the Black Bay, like it’s handsome throwback dial and riveted bracelet, puts it in a far more manageable 39mm case. Tudor also put the case on a diet, shaving off about 3mm of thickness. The result is a Black Bay suitable for all, and arguably what the watch should have been from the get go.

Casio G-Shock Glacier Gold GA735E-7A

Casio continues to celebrate 35 years of their G-Shock brand with the Glacier Gold edition. While not for the faint of heart, these latest editions pack a lot of charm in some familiar packaging. The clear case and straps house gold internals and exterior detailing befitting of the Glacier Gold title. This example clocks in at 55mm, so it won’t go unnoticed, but there’s no denying the entertainment factor here. Maybe keep this one restrained to the less formal end of your closet, or don’t, we’re not your mom and we don’t judge. Best of all, prices are parked safely under $300.

Seiko Prospex SBDC061

Seiko has long been known for their dive watches, and for the latest Prospex reference SBDC061, they went back to examples from 1967 for inspiration. The 44mm case wears beautifully thanks to its tapered edges and integrated crown at 4 o’clock. The dial itself is all throwback, and it’s beautiful. Large lume plots at each hour set a distinct and simple tone, with the oversized hour hand providing the flair. The bezel is deep blue creating a touch of contrast at the edge. This one is all old-school diver with enough modern appeal to make it a perfect kick around desk diver.

Rolex Air King 114200

The name Air-King may not be as well known as other Rolex stalwarts like the Submariner or Daytona, but it occupies an important range in their stable. Sitting at the entry point to the brand, the Air-King is a non-gendered dress watch incorporating some details you’d find on some of the sportier models such as the Explorer. This example boasts a 3-6-9 dial within a 34mm case housing the work horse caliber 3130. It’s simple, but it works in all the right ways. We love the rich blue dial that comes to life in the right light. Big bonus points for working on both his and her wrists.

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 40mm Silver and Seashell A1977

Did you know that you can now snag Series 3 and 4 Apple Watches on StockX? Well now you do, and if you’re looking for the perfect all around gift these holidays this is your ticket. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or just want to spend less time digging your phone out of your pocket, the Apple Watch is a tool that can be wielded at your discretion, with access to thousands of apps. If watches aren’t your thing, you might be surprised at just how easy it is to wear the Apple Watch thanks to its soft case shape and exceedingly comfortable strap options. If you are a watch person, your only dilemma will be how to give equal wrist time to your mechanical pieces. Our solution: stick it on the other wrist.

watches gift guide

Rolex Explorer II 16570

The Explorer II reference 16570 may be long out of production, but it’s a watch that holds up surprisingly well, and offers an incredible value when it comes to Rolex sport watches. Unlike the new model (ref 216570), this reference wears much like Rolex watches of the past, meaning slim and comfortable, which makes sense as production began on this watch back in the late ’80s. This Explorer II bridges the past to the present, and good examples can be had well under $7,000. For much longer, we can’t say, but don’t sleep on this one.

watches gift guide

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary

The Omega Speedmaster is a perennial favorite around here, and the 60th anniversary model is how a throwback should be done. The watch, introduced last year to celebrate, well, 60 years of the Speedmaster, mimics the original from 1957 in all the right ways, including the size. Of course, inside things are thoroughly modern. If you’re a purists or a Speedy collector, this one is a must have.

Crown & Buckle Black Label Straps

Our friends at Crown & Buckle have always made some of our favorite straps, and with the introduction of their Black Label line, they’ve stepped into more premium territory. With leathers sourced from Italian, Spanish, and American tanneries, these straps won’t just look beautiful, they’re built to last. A few new straps is the easiest way to breath new life into your collection, and hey, it’s a lot cheaper than buying new watches. Shop the whole collection here, good luck landing on just one to buy.

Travel Rolls & Puches from Wind Up Shop

Traveling with a few of your watches shouldn’t be stressful, and should mean sticking em in your spare socks. Worn & Wound’s Wind Up Shop has just the solution with these beautiful rolls constructed from waxed canvas and Horween leather to keep your watches riding safe and in style. With slots for 4 watches, and even a pouch for a strap change tool, you won’t have to pick and choose which watches to take with you, grab em all and go. Browse the selection to find your favorite color and material.

Command Helmet by Bell

Whether you spend your weekends carving the backroads in your restored cafe racer, or simply need a bad-ass desk accessory, this helmet from Bell makes a hell of a statement. The vintage vibes are dialed up to eleven with the off-white base joined by red and blue racing stripes running down the center. Safety standards are up to full modern spec, though, so you don’t need to sacrifice your noggin to look good. Snag yours here.