Febrero 6, 2024

7 Trends That Will Define 2024

Chloe Parr

Chloe is a Content Creator, Creative Strategist + Fashion Writer

We’re calling our shot: these are the styles, colors, and aesthetics that will be everywhere this year.

We’re calling our shot: these are the styles, colors, and aesthetics that will be everywhere this year.

While everyone’s still busy journaling, going to the gym, or mood boarding, I’ve been focusing on my own type of goals for 2024. New year, new wardrobe. With fashion week and awards season in full swing — and the spring collections finally coming out from last year’s September shows— it’s the perfect time for me to share some much needed trend research and predict where fashion may take us in the year ahead. 

If you reflect back on 2023, it was another year defined by fast-moving aesthetics – from Barbiecore domination to the Quiet Luxury and Minimalism rise. We’re only a month into 2024 and there are already some strong “core” contenders emerging on both the feeds and the streets. From the Mob Wife aesthetic to Eclectic Grandpa, Gen Z has already moved on from their “clean girl” and “stealth wealth” phase and entered their playful, eccentric phase. With TikTok’s fast-paced nature and the current generation’s shortening attention span, it seems like we’re going through trends faster than scrolling through a new Dua Lipa photo dump.

Being part of the ongoing conversation helps you discover new brands and styles you haven’t seen before. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find new true loves in the process.

Which brings us to my personal hot take: instead of becoming infatuated with fast-cycled trends, cores, and aesthetics, make it your New Year’s fashion resolution to find real love instead. And real love happens when you discover and stay true to your own personal style that exists above all the trending noise and love bombing. Our latest campaign This Is Love is all about celebrating the deep affection and appreciation this community has for their personal style and the items and brands that define your identity. And our goal is to help you chase that true love on StockX, now and forever. 

With that said, I know what you’re probably thinking why is a trend writer telling me to be anti-trend this year? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I think dabbling in trend talk can still be fun and productive when done the right way. Being part of the ongoing conversation helps you discover new brands and styles you haven’t seen before. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find new true loves in the process. 

Instead of curating a wardrobe entirely built on new trends, bouncing from one aesthetic to the next just because social media deemed it cool, incorporate the latest styles you genuinely love that will fit into your personal style long before the current hype fades away. Because sorry TikTok, you can say all you want about the Bottega Veneta Jodie bag being out, but that bag will always mean love to me and my personal style. 

So as you begin writing your 2024 style love story, just remember: the honeymoon phase of trend infatuation can give you an addictive high and it’s exciting to participate in for the moment, but it’s the commitment phase with your true love products and brands that will last forever. 

After hours of style stalking, dissecting the runways, and getting lost in my FYP, these are by far the 7 most-talked about trends that are sure to define 2024, with the top StockX products to help you achieve the look. My job is to give you the information; now it’s your move: which ones fit within your style journey?

If you happen to scroll through your FYP right now, you’ll find numerous TikTokers declaring “clean girl” is out and “mob wife” is in (proof). I’ve been seeing endless styling tips on how to look like a wife from The Sopranos, with most featuring one specific pattern: animal print. I hate to break it to the people who think Mob Wife is groundbreaking, but animal print, especially leopard, has always been in. So I’m excited to see its resurgence within younger generations. This year, it’s all about incorporating the print in unexpected ways, from sneakers to bags, hats, and even tights. 

There is no hotter sneaker right now in the fashion crowd than the adidas Ponyskin Samba by Wales Bonner. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty infatuated with these sneakers. I love the pony hair texture and the hint of blue in the textile sockliner. The dual branded shoe proves that collaborations between classic sneaker silhouettes and luxury fashion brands are here to stay and can feel both timeless and innovative in 2024. If you want something that growls a little louder, the Supreme Fleece Zip Up Hooded Shirt in Brown Leopard is your perfect match. I love how the hoodie silhouette makes the leopard print feel more wearable for every day. 

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane. It’s the year 2004. The intermix of sport and fashion is taking over the streets, with athletes and the streetwear crowd rocking football and basketball jerseys alongside classic footwear styles like Air Forces, Timberlands, and signature basketball shoes. In the music world, artists are showing the possibilities of merging fashion with rap and hip-hop. From Kanye West’s preppy style (that Ralph Lauren polo anyone?) to the impact of Bape’s camouflage print backed by Pharrell in music videos and on stages around the world. Oh what a time to be alive in streetwear. 

It seems that the early 2000s maximalist streetwear aesthetic has been making a comeback over the past couple of years, according to stylists and the rising popularity of brands like Chrome Hearts, Denim Tears, and Diesel. While Timberlands and retro jerseys have always been in, it’s the way you style these early 2000s streetwear elements together that matters the most for this trend, hitting on that maximalism energy. Take for example Creator Jean-Carlo Yepez, who seamlessly blends early 2000s streetwear staples balanced with more current, minimalist styles for a modern take on the popular aesthetic. With Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton and Timberland collab surely to be a top release this year, expect to see an overwhelming return in popularity with this timeless shoe, especially in the Wheat color. Baggy graphic tees over long sleeve shirts are also set to make a comeback, so grab your favorite Bape tee and prepare to layer up.


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Last year, Succession and social media’s love affair with 90s supermodels took us back into an era of elevated minimalism, coined as Quiet Luxury. The fashion world returned to basics and high-quality investment pieces sans logos, with The Row and Bottega Veneta taking over street style with their clean aesthetics. Now as we enter a new year, it seems like current culture wants to liven up the minimalism movement with quirky color palettes and kitschiness. This year is all about embodying an “Eclectic Grandpa”, the new core populating the feeds and predicted by Pinterest. This aesthetic takes the classic and comfortable silhouettes from Quiet Luxury but adds a more playful, eccentric spin. It’s like sourcing through your grandpa’s closet. Think Pedro Pascal’s cardigans, Tyler the Creator’s entire wardrobe, or Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid’s street style game. You get the idea. The Eclectic Grandpa starter pack includes colorful cardigans, retro jackets, dad hats, sweater vests, trousers, loafers, wristwatches, and chunky sneakers. 

Eclectic Grandpa is as much of an attitude as it is a trend. So incorporate one or two eccentric, playful items within your outfit while balancing them out with more minimalist styles. The Supreme Patchwork Cable Knit Cardigan embodies the Eclectic Grandpa essence perfectly, with the retro colors and kitschy patchwork. For shoes, you can’t go wrong with classic Gucci Horsebit Loafers or a pair of vintage-looking sneakers. While the New Balance 530s are a beloved dad style, go one step further with a chunkier pair to capture that grandpa essence. The New Balance 9060 in Rain Cloud Grey is a modern pick, with the bulky build pairing perfectly with oversized trousers for a cool take on grandpa style. 

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I don’t know when it officially started, but TikTok has ignited a culture war of sorts between Gen Z and Millennials. At first it was about the way Millennials talk or text versus Gen Z lingo (battle one: crying laughing emoji versus skull emoji). Then it got into fashion, with Gen Z calling some of the Millennial styles “cheugy”. And now, the categories are endless, from Millennial’s diehard Harry Potter fandom to Gen Z’s obsession with Y2K style (or from a Millennial POV, the style we wore in fifth grade). It’s only fitting then that we’re about to see another battle of the gens – this time in color trends. Millennial pink versus Gen Z yellow: choose your fighter.

As a Millennial, I’m pretty excited to see the infamous blush pink tone back and looking more stylish than ever in recent SS24 collections, including Tory Burch, Acne Studios, and Sandy Liang. Proof is even in the return of beauty empire Glossier, as the iconic Millennial shaded beauty brand has revamped once again to appeal to younger generations. So all of a sudden, Millennial Pink doesn’t seem so “cheugy” anymore, does it Gen Z? It actually feels refreshed, sophisticated, and elevated, especially with Coquette styles and feminine elements continuing to make an impact on designers and collections this year (see Sandy Liang). On the other side, bright canary yellow is (finally) sticking. I say finally because it seems like the fashion world was trying to make Gen Z yellow happen for a while, but it never fully took off from the generation themselves. But good things happen to those who wait, because 2024 is about to be the year canary yellow finally bursts onto the scene. Gen Z’s favorite luxury brands are proving the push for yellow, with Miu Miu showcasing splashes of the color in their SS24 collection and JW Anderson using the playful shade in its viral bird bag. Not to mention the return of the Onitsuka Tiger sneaker. You’ve probably seen this shoe all over your TikTok feeds, with the “Kill Bill” yellow colorway seen on every fashion influencer by now.

So take this as a sign of truce – both generations have colors to brag about, whether you want to try out the electrifying Gen Z yellow or go with the classic Millennial pink. When it comes to products, I love the New Balance x Ganni 1906R collab. The style looks like a vintage running sneaker, but the touch of bright canary yellow in the New Balance “N” gives the shoe Gen Z’s style approval. For the Millennial Pink fans, there really isn’t a more perfect choice than the Salomon XT-6 collab with Sandy Liang. The shade is just the right tone of pink that will have even Glossier shaking. 

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The Blokecore trend is nothing new to the fashion crowd, as the popularity in soccer kits has been a top style for the past few years. With the Olympics and UEFA Euro happening this summer, soccer-inspired ‘fits are definitely not taking the bench anytime soon. However, there are new contenders in the playing field of sport meets fashion to look out for this year. Thanks to the Las Vegas Grand Prix last year and A$AP Rocky’s newly appointed position as the Creative Director for the Puma x F1 partnership, streetwear is catching Formula 1 fever. Expect to see a blending of fashion and motorsport elements this year, including racing gloves, leather jackets, and moto-inspired long sleeves. Tennis is another sport continuing to grow its fashion fanbase from last year. The social analysis even proves it, with the US Open having more positive press coverage last year in fashion than New York Fashion Week itself.

To tap into this new wave of sport, first decide if you’re more of a court star or have a need for speed. If Formula 1 is more your thing, take a cue from A$AP and invest in a moto long sleeve, like the Supreme Fox Racing Moto Jersey Top. A personal favorite is the Anti Social Social Club UNDFTD X F1 Tee. I love the simplicity in the graphic design, making this tee a smart choice for dabbling in this trend without going full racer mode. For the tenniscore lovers, you can’t go wrong with the Reebok Club C. The style was originally designed for tennis players looking for a durable court sneaker. The Reebok Club C x JJJJound in White Olive is an elevated style in this trending category, blending a minimalistic style with the vintage classic. 

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As teams and sporting events are adding Creative Directors to their lineups, the influence between athletics and fashion is stronger than ever. Which is why a focus on performance technology has been a high priority for brands and designers as they look to not only design hypeworthy-looking products, but ones that are also highly functional and durable. It’s like Gorpcore’s sleeker, more sophisticated sister who favors the technical utility behind the design versus the design itself.

Replace your baggy cargos and puffer jackets with more streamlined, minimalist GORE-TEX pants and lightweight tech fleeces. A timeless pick is the Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie in black. The style features a double-sided spacer fabric, providing extra warmth without the weight. I love the lack of noticeable pockets, making this hoodie a sleeker choice that fits within the clean technical utility look for 2024.  For shoes, it’s all about the styles you can wear from a meeting to a workout, with materials and silhouettes that are designed to provide the highest performance in running, hiking, and outdoor activities. There are so many to choose from on StockX, but some standouts in my opinion are the Salomon XT-6 (huge fan of the darker colorways) or the Hoka One One Ora Primo. The Ora Primo looks straight from the future, with its insulated puffer upper, elastic lace system, and elevated sole. The design has cutting-edge technology to provide the highest comfort and relief after being on your feet all day. Another major style that defines this trend is the iconic early-to-mid 2000s silver, performance runner. The New Balance 1906R in Silver Metallic Sea Salt or the Nike Zoom Vomero 5 in Photon Dust Metallic Silver are both styles that pull inspiration from the past but take a step towards the future with the intersection of tech meets fashion. 

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A new year always inspires a fresh start. It’s why resolutions and mood boards are so popular in the month of January. So it only makes sense that this next trend has been gaining momentum recently, as people want to look and feel empowered as they return back to business after a month of partying and indulging. Corpcore is an aesthetic defined by power dressing office attire. As workplaces become more and more casual (or nonexistent), Gen Z is romanticizing the 90s elevated office attire to feel a sense of structure and confidence in their remote work lifestyles. Think of Gisele Bündchen’s style in Devil Wears Prada or Miu Miu’s “Office Siren” aesthetic, blending femininity within business casual silhouettes.

To channel Corpcore into your everyday wardrobe (whether for work or play), try going for the unexpected. If it’s a head-to-toe suiting look, opt for an oversized fit with retro sneakers to make it feel more modern and streetwear ready. I love the adidas Samba OG in Black Wonder White paired with a perfectly oversized gray or black suit. The off-white tone on the toe and heel create a cool contrast when you catch a glimpse of the sneaker under the suit. Not to mention, “wonder white” is a fitting name for a corporate look – channeling your inner Wonder Woman for extra empowerment. Another essential is the Mugler H&M Defined-Waist Wool Blazer. The form-fitting structure and subtly cinched waist takes a typically masculine style and adds a cool androgynous touch. It’s that unexpected detail that takes this office staple from entry-level to CEO status.  

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