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Halloween: The Best Time To Explore Other Trends

Chloe Parr

Chloe is a Content Creator, Creative Strategist + Fashion Writer

How to get out of your style comfort zone

How to get out of your style comfort zone

Depending on who you ask, this time of year can mean a number of different things: Halloween, fall, autumn, Q4 (cringe), cuffing season (more cringe), cozy season, or just simply October. My personal favorite (and in my opinion the only right answer) is spooky season. It’s a term coined from social media that perfectly describes the combination of cozy fall weather with a touch of Halloween spirit. It feels exciting yet equally nostalgic every year, as we rewind time to watch our favorite Halloween movie (Hocus Pocus), stock up on candy, and anticipate all the holiday activities in the next three months ahead. 

While dressing up as your favorite pop culture icon is a yearly Halloween tradition, costumes are not for everyone (me included). So instead, use this spooky season to face your fears and get out of my comfort zone by experimenting with new trends you typically wouldn’t go for. For example, if you’re someone who only wears neutrals, incorporate a bold trending color to your look. Or if you love being extra with logomania and metallics, make a more subtle statement with minimalist styles. Halloween is all about experimentation and giving people an unexpected surprise after all. 

This is your guide on how to make a spooky statement with your wardrobe and leave the costumes behind.

If you always stick to your neutrals—test out a trending color.

As a fellow neutral lover, I’ll be the first to admit that wearing bright colors can feel intimidating and well, scary. But spooky season is the perfect time to embrace the fear and test out color in your wardrobe. Whether you want to tap into the somehow-still-viral Barbie pink or go for a more subtle tone, color is a fun way to brighten up your old ways and tap into the creative aesthetic of the Halloween season. If you don’t know where to start, try going for the color of the season: red.

I love this color because it still feels very fall-esque, but there are a wide range of tones to choose from based on your comfort level. Whether it’s burgundy, tomato red, or, my personal favorite, glossy cherry red the trending color is easy to incorporate in any neutral wardrobe. I love the adidas Gazelle in Scarlet Cloud for a fiery pop of color. If you’re feeling extra fearless, go for a red hoodie like the Supreme Inside Out Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt. A style tip is to wear it under a long neutral trench to tone down the color and make your look feel modern and elevated.

If you’re scared of glitter—ease into shine with a touch of metallic.

One stroll through the Halloween Spirit store and it’s more than likely you’ll come out with loose flecks of sparkle somewhere on you. Halloween costumes and makeup come with an excessive amount of glitter. If you’re someone who typically shies away from shimmer, this season is a fun time to experiment with a more subtle shine. Mirrored accessories have popped up all over the streets and runways, with designers and contemporary brands giving the trend their stamp of approval. Wales Bonner puts a cool spin on the classic adidas Samba with the new silver colorway. I love the vintage details and glossy finish to this sneaker, giving the style a futuristic look that feels on-trend rather than costumey. Another top pick is the Diesel 1DR Shoulder Bag. While the silver is a viral style, I personally think the Leather Gold version is a unique choice that looks rich and fashion-forward for fall.

If you’re always extra—make a minimal statement.

I highly support being extra. Whether it’s in fashion (logomania), food (always get the guac), or personality (Leo energy). But spooky season is all about surprises, and while I’m not a huge fan of scary surprises (haunted houses? no thanks), I do love the unexpected when it comes to style. So if you’re someone who usually wears loud and colorful clothing, surprise your friends (and yourself) by opting for a minimal statement this Halloween season. 

90s Minimalism has been picking up speed since the Spring 2023 runways, as brands showcased collections featuring neutral color palettes and a variety of classic styles including trench coats (at VTMNTS) and cinched blazers (at Givenchy). Take a cue from A$AP Rocky, a style icon who usually makes bold statements but has recently been captured on the streets rocking a collection of minimalist classics. You can never go wrong with a Burberry trench coat. The style is an integral part to the British brand’s history and elevates any casual, everyday outfit. Another key element to A$AP Rocky’s outfit (and any minimalist look) is a timeless tote. Made from durable materials and adorned with the brand’s monogram pattern, the Goyard Saint Louis Tote is iconic. A$AP Rocky gives the PM Sky Blue color his trusted stamp of approval.

Shop Minimalism:

If you’re so Quiet Luxury—get logo loud.

Quiet Luxury dominated the summer season with its pared-back styles and mood boards of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. As we enter a time period that promotes glitter, wigs, and being extra, it’s time to ditch the simple aesthetic for something more loud. I’m not saying forget about Quiet Luxury altogether. I’m just saying Halloween is the perfect time to be flashy, so why not incorporate your favorite logo-fied accessories back into your rotation? It feels youthful, playful, and honestly refreshing after a summer of simplicity and no-branding. A trendy choice is the Diesel B-1dr Belt in black. The oversized silver antique buckle with the ‘D’ logo is a stylish way to incorporate the buzzy brand into any fall look. If you’re looking for a baby step away from your Quiet Luxury wardrobe, try the Gucci Belt Bag GG Supreme Canvas. The monogram Gucci ‘G’s give that noticeable nod to luxury, but the print still blends the branding into the design, showing off the IYKYK quiet statement you’re used to.  

If you opt for preppy styles—edge it up and get grungy.

Yes, I know what I wrote in my Fall Trend report earlier this year — that fall prep is one of the season’s biggest style movements. And while I’m not getting rid of my cable knits and crewneck sweaters anytime soon, there’s honestly no better time to edge it up than Halloween. You’ll see a lot of Wednesday Addams and biker-inspired looks this year, but for your everyday wardrobe I’m looking more towards Grungecore. So if you’re usually a prepster, opt for styles that tap into the rebellious fashion movement. You can trace Grunge in fashion back to the 90s – from Kurt Cobain’s style to Marc Jacob’s iconic Perry Ellis grunge collection. The aesthetic is defined by plaid flannels, baggy denim, dark colors, Converse sneakers, distressed or torn styles, thrifting, and disheveled hair. 

A top choice to go grunge for the season is the New Balance 1906D Protection Pack in Black Leather. The protection pack treatment – made with leather and suede overlays that look worn-in – gives the sneaker an intentional vintage design as if they were thrifted from the 90s era. Another grungy style is the Supreme Thermal Work Shirt in plaid. I love the designed layering of the shirt – a style synonymous with 90s Grungecore.