Sneakers - January 27, 2014

14 Sneakers Added to Price Guide

The following sneakers have been added to the 2013 Campless Price Guide:


Air-Jordan-6-Retro-Low-Coral-Rose 218
Air-Jordan-11-Retro-Gamma-Blue 326
Air-Jordan-12-Retro-Gamma-Blue 278
Nike-Kobe-8-What-the-Kobe 540
Kobe 1 Prelude 476
Kobe 2 Prelude 425
Kobe 3 Prelude 377
Kobe 4 Prelude 447
Nike-Dunk-SB-Low-Day-of-the-Dead 451
Nike-Air-Tech-Challenge-2-US-Open-2013 274
Nike-Air-Tech-Challenge-2-Wimbledon-2013 338
New-Balance-1600-Ronnie-Fieg-Daytona 257
New-Balance-577-Ronnie-Fieg-Americana 254
Reebok-Classic-Leather-Shoe-Gallery-Flamingos-At-War 169


These sneakers have been added to the Price Guide, so there is no reason to refer to this post again in the future.  The prices listed here are the same as in the Price Guide.

These sneakers, and the Price Guide previously posted, are current as of Jan 1, 2014 (i.e., for 2013).  We will update the time frame occasionally and, when we do, that update will be made explicit so that everyone can be sure they are using the most current version.