Apparel - April 24, 2018

BAPE and Palace now on StockX

Jesse Einhorn

Senior Economist at StockX

We launched StockX over 2 years ago as a sneaker marketplace, but our ambitions were always grander: to apply stock market mechanics and price transparency to the entire new luxury economy. In the spring of 2017, we expanded to watches and handbags; later that fall, we added streetwear with a focus on Supreme. Today, we’re expanding once again, adding two more iconic brands to our vibrant streetwear marketplace: Palace and BAPE.

Founded 25 years ago in the backstreets of Tokyo’s Harajuku district, BAPE has been the benchmark for what a streetwear brand can accomplish. With a brand collaboration list longer than anyone in the game, BAPE has a proven track record of outlasting the ups and downs of the trend-driven market. And now StockX is proud to present the largest, 100% safe, anonymous, and authentic marketplace for all things BAPE, with a catalog of over 4500 items for buyers and sellers to choose from.

Palace was founded nine years ago by an irreverent band of South London skaters and has quickly transformed into a fashion and culture juggernaut, with their oversized logo adorning the backs of countless celebrity A-listers. Previously, Palace devotees have been forced to navigate a secondary market that is both fragmented and untrustworthy. Now, on StockX, buyers and sellers finally have a Palace marketplace they can trust, with a centralized catalog of over 2500 items, complete through 2015.

While we’re excited to be adding these two iconic brands to our marketplace, rest assured that we won’t be slowing down anytime soon. BAPE and Palace are just the beginning of many more exciting advancements and innovations coming to the StockX platform. So stay tuned.

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