March 31, 2022

Behind the Build

Behind the scenes of the StockX Women’s History Month Campaign “Built Different”

Behind the scenes of the StockX Women’s History Month Campaign “Built Different”

This article is part 5 of 12 in the series: Built Different

By the Women of StockX 


Conceived and created by the Women of StockX, our Women’s History Month creative campaign was not about checking a box or riding a moment. For all of us involved, it meant celebrating and respecting the power that lives inside all of us. And for the first time ever, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came to life. 

Entitled “Built Different,” the idea and production was concepted by an all-female team at StockX, with the help of inspiring outside creatives. We set out to celebrate the defiance, versatility, and dominance of women in current culture, specifically those who own their uniqueness and make room for others to showcase theirs. Truth be told, the magic behind the scenes was just as phenomenal as it looked through our app, social media channels, and custom video content. From briefing to styling, the entire campaign was a collaborative effort of women supporting women, which is exactly what we set out to do.

The StockX Marketing team joined forces with our talented brand ambassadors: Briana King, Sydeon, Paige Bueckers, and Jamad Fiin. Behind the camera, you’ll find our female-led production team: Director/Art Director Lizzie Kassab; Associate Creative Director Cheyanne Luna; Marketing Manager, Brand Partnerships Jordan Guskind; Sr. Manager Integrated Marketing Arianna Nonahal; Sr. Manager, Social Media Yasmin Tekyi-Mensah; and Copywriter JaKaila Mustafa.

“Women and femmes have been told time and time again that they can’t do something because they are ‘built different’ - a vast multitude of opportunities taken off the table. With this concept, we reclaim that language and prove that - yes, we are built different. It’s those differences that enable and empower us to create something truly unstoppable together: a new table where there is space for all of us to thrive.” - Lizzie Kassab, Art Director

“To be able to shine a spotlight on the power of women through StockX and these amazing brand partners is a career dream come true - I hope this inspires more women in creative and cultural positions within the industry to follow suit.” - Arianna Nonahal, Sr. Manager of Integrated Marketing

The strength of the women on set didn’t end with StockX, we had the pleasure of working with talented creatives across the country, including Stylists Brittany Hampton and Lena Nash; Prop Stylists Kate Leonard and Kayla Rae; Set Designer Kristen Meyer; Photographer Christian Najjar; and Makeup Artists Natalie and Daphne Chantell.

We shot the campaign in three very different cities: Los Angeles, CA, Boston, MA, and Hartford, CT. 

Briana and Sydeon were first in Los Angeles, shot in an all-white industrial backdrop, providing a bold contrast to the vibrant color palette of pieces rocked by both the talented gamer and skater. In Connecticut, Paige’s shoot was a laid-back, loft-style space, complementing the fierce competitor’s off-court persona. Finally, we headed to Jamad’s hometown of Boston, shooting in a dreamy, boutique daylight studio by Sarah Crawford of Broma Bakery —the perfect homey touch to capture our culminating moments.

It’s true what they say: “When women support each other, incredible things happen.” This was a necessary campaign, filled with talented women both in front of and behind the camera, and one we hope lives on throughout years to come. And while the entire month of Women’s History felt collaborative and inspiring, it’s also true that the same feeling flows effortlessly into the day-to-day work for the Women of StockX. 

Stay tuned for more on the Built Different series.