December 29, 2021

Get Everything You Missed

Pete Forester

Pete is a writer, host, and producer based in New York City. He is the Editorial Director of StockX.

We're making sure you didn't miss out on the best and most elusive releases of 2021 before launching into 2022.

We're making sure you didn't miss out on the best and most elusive releases of 2021 before launching into 2022.

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It’s tough out there. With new releases each week pummeling our wallets and our attention, it’s easy to miss out on incredible products on a consistent basis. Maybe that means you went for the hottest drop and struck out, or maybe it means that something hit the market without you even noticing – either way, now’s the perfect time to take stock and grab everything you missed. Lucky, StockX has got you covered.

Off-White x Nike Dunk Lot 1 & Lot 50

When the expansive collection of Off-White Nike Dunks in 50 different “Lots” dropped, every person who was chosen by SNKRS was assigned a random “Lot” of sneakers, one of the half-hundred different sneaker designs. Many of them were relatively interchangeable, having only minor variations between them, but Lots 1 and 50 stand apart as the unique pairs from the collection. Lot 1 is all white, Lot 50 is all black, and both boast metallic silver swooshes. Both pairs broke away from the design consistency of the others, making them more sought after and much more difficult to grab on the secondary market.

Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog Cucumber & Menemsha

More unexpected than Salehe Bembury’s collaboration with Crocs was the difficulty acquiring them. Crocs did their research ahead of the release, creating a system similar to SNKRS where hopeful buyers were able to submit themselves for a raffle and get notified later if they were successful in their pursuit of perfection (buying a pair of Crocs). Like many experiences with SNKRS, most were disappointed to learn they would not get a first shot at the former Versace Sneaker VP’s non-sneaker Crocs, and if you counted yourself among that group you can safely and quickly get them on StockX now.

Eric Emanuel EE Basic Short FW21 Black / Varsity Red

Eric Emanuel has been creating bespoke and unique apparel in NYC for a decade, with a focus on mesh shorts the last few years. In 2021, EE had a bit of a moment, adding his Friday-at-Noon drops to the list of can’t-miss weekly product releases. Every week, without fail, the shorts sell out within minutes, with some colors demanding more attention than others. Black is the one color on the color wheel that Emanuel seems to use the least and inspires the most fervor, so whether you didn’t see this Black / Varsity Red pair in the absolute deluge of shorts this year, or went for them and struck out, now’s a great time to grab them.

Supreme Frayed Logos Denim Trucker Jacket

Supreme has had some incredible collaborative releases this year, but one of the best pieces they had in all of 2021 was a non-collaborative trucker jacket that dropped with little fanfare. You’d be forgiven if you didn’t even notice the Supreme Frayed Logos Denim Trucker Jacket when it was first made available, but it’s a banger. Between the unique frayed denim application of the Supreme logomark and the classic trucker jacket styling, this is a fresh take on an iconic look that will stand the test of time.

Gucci x The North Face Padded Jacket Green / Black

Another fresh take on an iconic look, the Gucci x The North Face Padded Jacket in Green / Black was easy to miss under the sheer volume of products that Gucci and The North Face dropped this year, but it shouldn’t be missed. The jacket is a playful riff on The North Face’s Nuptse Jacket, a piece of outerwear that’s become an accessible version of street-luxury thanks to its affordable price tag and recognizable look. This Gucci take does not have an affordable price tag, but for those who are willing to drop the cash, it’s a beautiful elevation of a streetwear staple.

Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance 550 Natural Green

Even before Aimé Leon Dore’s founder, Teddy Santis, was named the Creative Director of New Balance, the brands were making a lot of shoes together – but it went into overdrive once the relationship was made official. This year was the year of the 550 for New Balance and included a slew of releases from the partnership. Most of those releases were gorgeous and hard to come by, but the Natural Greens were far and away the best colorway of the bunch, and worth a second look if you didn’t grab them already. A lot of the shoes have seen restocks, but with StockX you don’t have to hold out hope for a second chance: just grab them today.


A24 x Online Ceramics Hereditary Family Secret T-Shirt Tie Dye

It would be nice to say that Online Ceramics rose to prominence based just on their psychedelic designs and tour merch for The Grateful Dead and John Mayer, but a lot of the attention on the brand is thanks to the outrageous resale prices for their first A24 collaborative products that were made for Ari Aster’s Hereditary (this writer’s favorite film). Those teeshirts can fetch up to $400, so when OC and A24 announced new Hereditary merch coming, fans were thrilled. The expectation was that we’d get a restock of the old stuff, but, instead, there was a whole new collection. T-shirts, pants, tops, and a hat all landed on Online Ceramics’ website in solid colors, but an A24 exclusive tie-dye shirt appeared on the production company’s website. Most missed the shirt because it was on A24’s site without announcement, but you can grab it now on StockX.


Yeezy x Gap Hoodie

The Yeezy x Gap Partnership has been in the works for… a while now. First announced in late June of 2020, the debut release didn’t arrive on the scene until almost a year later in early June 2021 – it was long enough for critics to wonder if it would really ever happen at all. But the Round Jackets dropped and then shipped months and months later to a variety of receptions. When September rolled around, they started releasing hoodies and it seemed that they’d be making good on the promise of a Yeezy x Gap partnership: trendy silhouettes at an affordable price point. The hoodies dropped in six colors for $90 and were made available enough that almost every color currently trades around the original sales price. We’ve featured the blue hoodie here, but all six colors are worth note.

Nike Dunk Low Retro White / Black

If you’re plugged into the sneaker scene at all, there’s no way you’ve ever missed the Nike Dunk Low Retro in White / Black, but not everyone has their finger on the pulse and this is not a shoe to miss. We saw this sneaker drop in massive quantities and full-family sizing, but that hasn’t depressed demand. The shoes are as passionately chased now as they were when they dropped in January and we just wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t remind you that they’re a must-have for anyone building or maintaining a sneaker collection.

LEGO Ideas Home Alone Set

In the rigamarole of the holidays and the flurry of new seasonal products, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s releasing and what’s hot, but we can tell you without a doubt that this Home Alone set from LEGO is a blockbuster. Based on the McCallister’s home from Home Alone (the first one, not any of the preceding five), this LEGO Ideas Set features many of the traps that Kevin built to ensnare the Wet Bandits including the hot iron, hair torch, and feather fan, plus Buzz’ pet tarantula (Axl) and a zipline to the adjacent treehouse – all hidden behind the folding walls of the mansion. You’ll also find the trainset that features a cut-out of Michael Jordan meant to fool any passersby that the house is not empty. Once your shenanigans are complete, “Old Man” Marley can make an appearance for a last-minute save, and then bring playtime to a heartwarming conclusion with Kate, Kevin’s mom, for the perfect holiday reunion.