Sneakers - July 26, 2022

If You're a Fan of Yeezys...

Elhadji Mare

Elhadji is a Content Manager and Writer @ StockX

If you're a fan of Yeezys but are looking to stretch your dollar, check out these alternatives that share a similar vibe to popular Yeezy sneakers.

If you're a fan of Yeezys but are looking to stretch your dollar, check out these alternatives that share a similar vibe to popular Yeezy sneakers.

When Kanye started his partnership with adidas in 2015, he declared that “everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys.” Based on the number of restocks for specific colorways and large quantities that sell on StockX, Yeezys have become more attainable since Ye’s early days with Nike, but are still out of the average person’s budget for a pair of sneakers. Excluding Slides and Foam RNNRs, Yeezy adidas sneakers can retail between $200 to $300, which may be a hefty price for some to spend on just one pair. If you’re looking to get the Yeezy look and feel without feeling the pain of spending too much, check out these alternative kicks from adidas. 

adidas ZX similar to Yeezy 700

adidas ZX & Yeezy 700

The adidas ZX series has a storied history that begins in 1984. The sneakers, like many back then, were primarily focused on performance, as the adidas ZX models were made for runners of all types. But thanks to the ZX’s comfortable support and vibrant colorways, Europe’s growing rave scene in the 1990s turned the adidas ZX into one of the Three Stripe’s most revered models. The adidas ZX 10,000, for example, is one of those sneakers that continues to stay relevant for the Three Stripes. Its angular shape, thick midsole, and Stripes logo has similar design cues to the Yeezy 700, another sneaker that has helped elevate adidas’ pop cultural process. 

adidas Forum similar to Yeezy 750

adidas Forum Hi & Yeezy 750 

adidas’ Forum silhouette has made a major comeback this year with the help of a number of collaborations from brands and artists like Bad Bunny, Hebru Brantley, and Packer Shoes. Based on its high cut construction and strap mechanism, the adidas Forum Hi shares just a few features to the Yeezy 750, one of Kanye West’s first sneakers to roll out his now well-established adidas partnership. We’re not saying that the Forum is a spitting image of the 750, as the 750 is more minimalist and monochromatic, but if you’re looking for a low-cost, high-top adidas sneaker that features similar design elements, then the adidas Forum may be a great comp for you.   

adidas Ultra Boost similar to Yeezy 350

adidas Ultra Boost & Yeezy 350

Kanye West and the adidas Ultra Boost have a relationship that predates the Yeezy 350 and even any of Ye’s other collaborative models. Back in 2015, Kanye West sported the adidas Ultra Boost, which was one of the silhouettes to help introduce adidas’ latest BOOST tech. Thanks to West’s loyal fanbase and icon status, the sneaker was an instant success, sold out within minutes of its official launch, and became one of the most hype sneaker silhouettes of the year. Building on the success of the Ultra Boost, Kanye and adidas introduced the Yeezy 350 that same year as a low-cut sneaker that featured BOOST cushioning in the midsole and a similar knitted constructed to the Ultra Boost. Currently, the market for Ultra Boost has been flooded with a ton of colorways and variations, making the sneakers more attainable for most than a pair of Yeezy 350s. Just like any Yeezy, the Ultra Boost are another sneaker that carries the Kanye West stamp of approval, making them another great alternative to the 350s.

adidas Samba similar to Yeezy Powerphase

adidas Samba & Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

The adidas Samba is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. It’s a sneaker that, some would say, was always around but never got the true shine it’s deserved. More recently, after a slew of collaborations from Wales Bonner and Kith, to a few cosigns from social media giants like Hidden NY and LilJupiter, the Samba is currently one of the most trending sneakers on the market. From Google Trends data, search term interest for the soccer-focused sneaker is at its highest than it’s ever been in the United States and is outperforming interest in more soccer-oriented regions like the United Kingdom. The Samba is following a similar trend to the adidas Powerphase, a sneaker that might have been forgotten by most but with a bit of help from Kanye West, has made it a desirable product to the masses. The adidas Powerphase was originally a training sneaker from the 1980s, but in 2017, Kanye West and adidas retroed the sneaker and added a little Calabasa flare. Additional features like premium leathers and gold foil branding on the upper helped the adidas Powerphase Calabasas sell out instantly and lead to high resell prices. But for those looking for something more budget-friendly, the Samba is almost a third of the price for a pair of Calabasas, and is another nice low-cut sneaker with a familiar look to the Powerphase.