January 1, 2014

ShoeZeum Liquidation: May 2013 Top 5

This was originally published on January 1, 2014.  It has been updated with corrected data

ShoeZeum Tracking Update as of 9/13/13 (yes, that was a while ago):

Rick Harrison‘s Offer (Pawn Stars):  $550k

Total Sold (9/13/13):  1,431 pairs for $298k –> $208/pair

Left to Go:  957 pairs; $252k needed –> $264/pair

It’s definitely possible to hit the $550k Rick offered, but I think we’re all in agreement there’s no way Jordy is reaching the $1,000,000 he originally asked for.  He’d have to average $734 per pair for the 957 left, and that ain’t happening.

Interesting Data:

Because we’re getting a late start here (real late), today’s interesting data is the top five most expensive auctions from the ShoeZeum that ended with a sale in May 2013.

#1) Converse Pro Leather “UNC Championship Pack” – $7,800. 61 bids – auction link here – Custom pack included a MJ signed pair of Converses and signed UNC jersey in a collector’s case.  This auction was for #5 of 30.

ShoeZeum May - Jordan UNC Converse

#2) Air Jordan I – 1985 OG White/Black/Red – $3,400. 89 bids – view auction here Very impressive pair of original AJ I’s that were never worn or even laced

ShoeZeum May - Jordan 1 OG Blk Red

#3) Air Jordan III – 2011 “Oregon Ducks Pit Crew” – $3,250. 32 bids – view auction here This a personal favorite of ours.  Only 500 pairs were made

ShoeZeum May - J3 Oregon Black

#4) Air Jordan I – 1985 OG Black/Royal Blue – $2,855. 44 bids – view auction here We dug in further on this one and noticed that the person who won this auction also won the auction above on the black and reds I’s

ShoeZeum May - Jordan 1 OG Blk Blue

#5) Air Jordan III – 2011 “Oregon Ducks Pit Crew” – $2,800, 42 bids – view auction here – This isn’t a typo. The same exact pair of “Ducks” was the fifth most expensive sale for $450 less than #3 but had 31% more bids.  What an amazing data point!…or just a buyer who flaked and a re-listing…either way, pretty cool that we caught it.

ShoeZeum May - J3 Oregon Black

Do you have any of ShoeZeum’s top five May sales in your collection?  Get a better deal?  Pay more?

A more current update of the ShoeZeum liquidation coming soon…

All pictures courtesy of eBay

Note:  All numbers are based on independent analysis of eBay auctions and have NOT been confirmed by Jordy Geller or anyone associated with the ShoeZeum.  Jordy, if you'd like to clarify, please comment or email us at [email protected]