March 9, 2022

Shop the Look: Sydeon, Built Different

Pete Forester

Pete is a writer, host, and producer based in New York City. He is the Editorial Director of StockX.

Grab your favorite pieces from Sydeon's looks that she wore as a part of our Built Different campaign.

Grab your favorite pieces from Sydeon's looks that she wore as a part of our Built Different campaign.

Sydeon is Built Different.

In an industry that’s not only dominated by men, but that relies on products and stories that are told and produced through the male gaze, Sydeon is creating pathways for herself and bringing us all along with her. She’s made space for women like her to flourish in new and emerging communities while disrupting and contributing to popular culture.

She can also turn a look.

We’ve compiled all the looks Sydeon wore during our Built Different production and invite you to grab what’s gorge right here on StockX.

Sometimes you want to take advantage of a trend to show you know what’s up, but it’s important to put your own spin on it. Sydeon has laced up the Aime Leon Doré x New Balance 550s in White / Green, a ravenously popular version of the silhouette, pairing them with some baggy camo pants for a nod to causal SoHo style. But she’s elevated the look by bringing in this bright white Prada Re-Edition of the 2005 Saffiano Shoulder Bag, which features a mini-bag attached to the strap for easy access to essentials, and a sparkling, luxury take on the classic Cuban link chain with the Dior Danseuse Étoile Choker Necklace.

There are no rules in fashion, but if there were one it would be: don’t be afraid of color. Sydeon is keeping the color flowing from top to bottom, matching the neon in her top with the secondary lace of the Off-White x Nike Dunk Low Lot 26 (if you’re looking to style with different colors, check out the other 49 Lots of that collaboration – there’s tons of colors throughout). Plus this bold red Prada Re-Edition of the 2000’s Mini Bag in Nylon offers a whole new layer of color. She’s also rocking a sparkling Casio Vintage watch for a little bit of shine and to prove she’s ahead of her time.

With this look, Sydeon proves that subtlety doesn’t mean silence. The A Ma Maniére x Jordan 3s that she’s wearing were designed for women with a combination of luxury materials and construction to fit right into whatever context they need to be in, whether it’s at a boardroom table, or a table you’ve built yourself. The Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack BB is small but mighty, carrying anything you could need without weighing you down. Finally, Sydeon is also rocking a Gucci G-Timeless watch for a little extra flash of luxury and a small reminder to stay timeless.

Don’t let anyone tell you that dressing professionally means constraining yourself. This deceptively minimalist suit is paired with a crop top to subvert expectations, and a tonal black Louis Vuitton Chain Necklace has just a hint of color for a fun surprise. Sydeon is using a classic Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere in place of a briefcase to hold everything she needs, and catching just the right amount of bling at her feet with the Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike Dunk Low in Pure Platinum.